Journey to the Seventh Planet (1961)

USA, Denmark, 1961
35mm film, colour, 1.66:1
mono, English

An American/Danish science fiction film directed by Sid Pink.

Plot Summary

A mission to Uranus finds not the ice planet that was expected but a forest world ruled over by an alien brain.


Directed by: Sid Pink
Montage Director: Ib Melchior
© [not given on screen]
American International Pictures. Cinemagic Inc presents
Produced by: Sid Pink
Associate Producer: J.H. Zalabery
Prod. Supervisor: Eric Moberg
Screen Play by: Ib Melchior and Sid Pink
Original Story: Sid Pink
Asst. Director: Szasza Zalabery
Cameraman: Âge Wiltrup
Electricians: Carlo Rasmussen and Edvard Svendsen
Cutters: Tove Palsbo and Thok Sondergaard
Original Music Composed and Conducted by: Ib Glindemann
Sound: Paul Nyrup
Wardrobe: Hanny Zalabery
Make Up: Calma
Main TItles and Special Effects: Bent Barfod Films
Special Effects Camera: Ronny Schoemmel
Miniatures by: Krogh
Architect: Otto Lund
Set Dressing: Helge Hansen
Scenemaster: Herbi Gärtner
Abstracts by: Børge Hamberg
Casting: William Schuller

John Agar as Don
Greta Thyssen
Carl Ottosen as Eric
Ove Sprogøe as Barry
Louis Miehe Renard as Scend
Peter Mönch as Karl
Ann Smyrner as Ingrid
Mimi Heinrich as Ursula
Annie Birgit Garde as Ellen
Ulla Moritz as Lise
Bente Juel as Colleen

Alternative Titles

Monstro do Planeta Perdido – Brazilian title
Objectif: septième planète – French Belgian title
Taxidi ston 7o planiti – Greek title
Viagem ao Sétimo Planeta – Brazilian television title
Viaggio al settimo pianeta – Italian title
Viaje al séptimo planeta
– Argentine, Chilean, Mexican, Spanish title

Production Notes

Production began on 24 January 1961 1Variety 3 May 1961 p.28

Includes extracts from
The Angry Red Planet (1959)
Earth vs the Spider (1958)

Extracts included in
Invasion Earth: The Aliens Are Here (1988)
Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America (1992)


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