Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

Canada, 1995
96m, 98m (Germany), 103m
35mm film, colour
Dolby Digital Stereo, SDDS, English

A Canadian science fiction film directed by Robert Longo.

Plot Summary

In the near future, Johnny Mnemonic is a data courier, carrying important and often illegal data in special implants in his head. His latest mission goes horribly wrong when his contacts are assassinated before they give him the key to unlock the massive overload of data he’s now carrying. Facing a painful death, Johnny has to seek help from the Lo-Teks while fending off a gang of assassins who are determined to get the data, even if it means severing Johnny’s head from the rest of him…


Directed by: Robert Longo
Peter Hoffman presents an Alliance production. A Robert Longo film
Executive Producers: Staffan Ahrenberg, B.J. Rack, Victoria Hamburg, Robert Lantos
Supervising Producer: Jean Desormeaux
Produced by: Don Carmody
Screenplay by: William Gibson, based on his short story
Director of Photography: Francois Protat
Edited by: Ronald Sanders
Music by: Brad Fiedel
Sound Mixer: Doug Ganton
Costume Designer: Olga Dimitrov
Key Make-up: Linda Gill
Key Hair: Jennifer Bower
Prosthetics/Animatronics: FX Smith
Special Effects Supervisor: Rory Cutler
Special Visual Effects: Fantasy II Film Effects
Cyberspace Sequence Producer/Designer: Sony Pictures Imageworks
Production Designer: Nilo Rodis Jamero

Keanu Reeves (Johnny)
Dolph Lundgren (Street Preacher)
Takeshi [real name: Takeshi Kitano] (Takahashi)
Ice T (J-Bone)
Dina Meyer (Jane)
Udo Kier (Ralphi Face)
Denis Akiyama (Shinji)
Henry Rollins (Spider)
Tracy Tweed (Pretty)
Don Francks (Hooky)
Barbara Sukowa as Anna K Kalmann
Falconer Abraham (Yomamma)
Diego Chambers (Henson)
Sherry Miller (Takahashi’s secretary)
Arthur Eng, Von Flores (Viets)
Victoria Tengelis (Pharmakom receptionist)
Warren Sulatycky (yakuza operator)
Celina Wu (Mikiyo)
Gene Mack (Laslo)
Jamie Elman (Toad)

Includes extracts from
Demon City Shinjuku (1993)


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