Jiang shi fu xing zi II (1988)

Hong Kong,
mono, Mandarin
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

A Hong Kong horror film directed by Wang Chih Cheng.

Plot Summary

A child hopping vampire is protected by some human from the Taoist priest who is trying to kidnap it, another priest who is trying to kill it and an adult hopping vampire who wants the child for his own purposes.


Director: Wang Chih Cheng
Hong Hwa International Films (H.K.) Ltd.
Producer: Joseph Kuo
Supervisor: Jin Charng-Liang
Planning: Gan Meei-Ling

Chiang Sheng
Lu Feng

Alternative Titles

5 Venoms v The Ghosts
5 Venoms versus Wu Tang
Five Venoms v Wu Tang
Five Venoms vs the Ghosts
Tian Wai Tian Xiao Zi
Vampire Guy
Vampire Kid II
Venoms vs The Vampires