Jaws 3-D (1983)

35mm film, ArriVision 3-D, Technicolor, 2.35:1
Dolby, English

An American horror film directed by Joe Alves. It was originally released in the USA on 22 July 1983.

Plot Summary

Michael and Sean Brody, the sons of Amity police chief Martin Brody, now work at 's Sea World where they help in some scientific research on . They capture a young great white shark and put it on display at Sea World but it dies and its very angry mother comes looking for


Directed by: Joe Alves
©: MCMLXXXIII [1983] MCA Theatricals, Inc.
Universal an MCA company. Alan Landsburg Productions presents
Executive Producers: Alan Landsburg and Howard Lipstone
Produced by: Rupert Hitzig
Screenplay by: Richard Matheson and Carl Gottlieb
Story by: Guerdon Trueblood
Suggested by the Novel Jaws by: Peter Benchley
Director of Photography: James A. Contner
Edited by: Randy Roberts, Corky Ehlers
Music by: Alan Parker
Shark Theme by: John Williams
Sound Mixer: Jack C. Jacobsen
Costume Supervisor: Dresden Urquhart
Make-up Design: Kathryn Bihr
Hair Supervisor: David Craig Forrest
Special Photographic and Optical Effects by: Praxis Film, Works, Inc./Robert Blalack
Production Designer: Woods Mackintosh

Dennis Quaid (Mike Brody)
Bess Armstrong (Kathryn Morgan)
Simon MacCorkindale (Philip FitzRoyce)
Louis Gossett Jr as Calvin Bouchard
John Putch (Sean Brody)
Lea Thompson (Kelly Ann Bukowski)
P.H. Moriarty (Jack Tate)
Dan Blasko (Dan)
Liz Morris (Liz)
Lisa Maurer (Ethel)
Harry Grant (Shelby Overman)
Andy Hansen (Silver Bullet)
P.T. Horn (tunnel guide)
John Edson Jr (Bob Woodbury)
Kaye Stevens (Mrs Kellender)
Archie Valliere (Leonard Glass)
Alonzo Ward (Fred)
Cathy Cervenka (Sherrie)

Alternative Titles

Les Dents de la mer 3 – En relief – French title
El gran tiburón – Spanish title
Hajen 3 – Swedish title
Jaws 3
Jaws III
Lo squalo 3 – Italian title
Lo squalo – Italian title
Tappajahai 3 – Finnish title
Der Weiße Hai 3-D – West German title
Der Weiße Hai III – Austrian, West German title

Sequel to
Jaws (1975)
Jaws 2 (1978)

Jaws: The Revenge (1987)


The film was almost universally panned by the critics when it was first released. Janet Maslin in the New York Times conceded that it was “probably no worse than Jaws II” but noted that “without Steven Spielberg's timing or John Williams's music, the shark's periodic visits become feeding scenes rather than ferocious attacks. It's like watching someone make regular raids on a refrigerator in search of midnight snacks.” 1New York Times 23 July 1983. Writing in trade journal Variety, “Loyn” called it “surprisingly tepid”, complaining that “it isn't particularly scary” and that “it doesn't point to much of a future for three dimensional film.” 2Variety 27 July 1983 pp.21, 24 while Armond White in Village Voice called it “a corruption of the ingenuous faith in entertainment that allows a Spielberg or a De Palma to subvert a movie's function as product and to create a vision, or an expression of feeling, in the form of generic entertainment,” claiming that “Joe Alves, the director of Jaws-3D, and his squad of producers and writers reduce the pleasure of action films to a gimmick.” 3Village Voice 16 August 1983 p.56


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