Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

99m 25s (UK – PAL video); 99m 27s (UK – PAL video); 99m 35s (UK – PAL video); 104m
35mm, Eastmancolor, 1.37:1 (negative ratio); 1.85:1 (intended ratio)
mono, English

A British fantasy film directed by Don Chaffey. Production began on 13 September 1961 1Variety 1 November 1961 p.21

Plot Summary

Jason, who has been prophesied to one day assume the throne of Thessaly, is told of a fabled Golden Fleece and gathers together a band of adventurers to set sail in his ship, the Argo, to retrieve it. The Argonauts are protected by Hera, queen of the gods and they battle many mythological creatures (harpies, the giant bronze statue of Talos, the , a skeleton army).


* = uncredited

Directed by: Don Chaffey
© MCMLXIII [1963] Morningside Worldwide Pictures
Columbia Pictures Corporation presents a Charles H. Schneer production
Produced by: Charles H. Schneer
Associate Producer: Ray Harryhausen
Production Executive: John Dark
Screenplay by: Jan Read, Beverley Cross
Poem: The Argonautica by Apollonious Rhodios *
Assistant Director: Dennis Bertera
Continuity: Phyllis Crocker
Photographed by: Wilkie Cooper
Camera Operator: Harry Gillam
Editor: Maurice Rootes
Eastmancolor by Pathe
Music by: Bernard Herrmann conducting The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Musical Directors: Bernard Herrmann, Mario Nascimbene [both uncredited]
Sound Recordists: Cyril Collick, Red Law
Sound Editor: Alfred Cox
Westrex Recording System
Creator of Special Visual Effects: Ray Harryhausen
Model Scultor: Arthur Hayward *
Title Designer: James Wines
Production Designer: Geoffrey Drake
Art Directors: Herbert Smith, Jack Maxsted, Tony Sarzi Braga
Locations: England; Paestum, Salerno, Campania, Italy; Palinuro, Salerno, Campania, Italy
Unit Managers: Leon Lenoir, Jimmy Komisarjevsky, Paul Maslansky
Fight Choreography: Ralph Faulkner *
Swordfight Arranger: Ferdinando Poggi *

Todd Armstrong as Jason
Nancy Kovack as Medea
Gary Raymond (Acastus)
Laurence Naismith (Argos)
Niall MacGinnis (Zeus)
Michael Gwynn (Hermes)
Douglas Wilmer (Pelias)
Jack Gwillim (King Aeetes)
Honor Blackman (Hera)
John Cairney (Hylas)
Patrick Troughton (Phineas)
Andrew Faulds (Phalerus)
Nigel Green (Hercules)
John Crawford [Polydeuces – uncredited]
Aldo Cristiani [Lynceus – uncredited]
Ferdinando Poggi [Castor – uncredited]
Douglas Robinson [Eupaemus – uncredited]
Davina Taylor [Briseis – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Jason and the Golden Fleece – shooting title
Jason en de Argonauten
Jason en de Duistere Machten
Jason en de Duiveise Machten

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