Jagwimo (1999)

South Korea,

A South Korean horror film directed by Lee Kwang-Hun.

Plot Summary

Rejected by her lover, Chae-Byeol is visited by spectral representatives of the Ghost Association (SGA) who convince her to kill herself. In the afterlife, Na joins the SGA and plots with other to get her on her feckless lover, who is planning to marry the daughter of his company's boss in order to further his career.


Director: Lee Kwang-Hun
Cinema Service
Film Development: Korea Film Commission
Executive Producer: Kang Woo-Seok
Producer: Kang Woo-Seok
Script: Hong Ju-Ree
Assistant Director: Ooh Ki-Hwan, Kang Gi-Eun, Park Jin-Woo, Baik Sang-Yeul
Director of Photography: Park Hyeon-Cheol
Assistant Directors of Photography: Kim Yong-Heung, Yoo Ho, Lee Bong-Ju, Kim Hee-Seung
Gaffer: Lee Seok-Hwan
Assistant Lighting: Kim Tae-In, Yoo Byeung-Moon, Lee Ho-Jae, Chu Yong-Hyun
Editor: Lee Hyeon-Mee
Music: Ooh Jin-Woo
Sound Recordist: Lee Kyu-Seok
Synchronous Sound Recordist: Kang Shin-Kyoo
Costumes: Park Jeong-Won
Make Up: Yoon Ye-Ryeong
Hair: Yoon Kang-Jee
Visual Effects: Park Kwan-Woo
Miniatures: D.mo
Production Director: Kim Se-Chang
Art Director: Cho Yung-Sam
Set Decorator: Kim Tae-Wok
Art: Lee Kyoung

Lee Seong-Jae
Kim Hi-Seon
Cha Seung-Won
Chang Jin-Young
Lee Young-Ja
Myeong Kye-Nam
Park Kwang-Jeong
Chung Won-Joong
Chang Se-Jin
Kim Shi-Won

Alternative Titles

Suicide Ghost Association