Jackpot (1992)

France, Italy,
35mm film, colour

A French/Italian science fiction film directed by Mario Orfini.

Plot Summary

Gloria Ruckhauser is so desperate to reverse the ageing process that she establishes a foundation find search for he answer. Her scientists eventually discover a substance that reverses ageing but they find that they can't stop the process once it's begun.


Director: Mario Orfini
Eidoscope Productions, Le Studio Canal+, Stella Cinematografica
Producer: Mario Orfini
Unit Manager: Gianfranco Barbagallo
Script: Adriano Celentano, Max Ember, Grazia Giardiello, Roberto Iannone, Mario Orfini
Assistant Director: Gianni Arduini
2nd Assistant Director: Enrico Marrari
Director of Photography: Luciano Tovoli
Stills: Andrew Cooper
Editor: Pietro Scalia
Music: Anthony Marinelli, Giorgio Moroder
Costume Designer: Maurizio Millenotti
Assistant Costume Designer: Giovanni Casalnuovo
Production Designers: Gianni Giovagnoni, Rolf Zehetbauer
Set Decorator: Bernhard Henrich
Casting: Gianni Arduini

Ian Boo Khoo (Hard)
Adriano Celentano (Furio)
Aei-leen Khoo (Soft)
Kate Vernon (Prudence)
Carroll Baker (Madame)
Scott Moginson (Francois)
Salvatore Cascio (Cosimo)
Thomas Elliot (Vladamir)
Christopher Lee (Cedric)
Ben Cole (Swift)
William Mannering (Jeffrey)
Bryony Martin (Violet)

Alternative Titles

Classe spéciale – French title
Cyber Eden – US title


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