Jackanory: The Ramayana (1976)

UK, 15 November -19 November 1976
5 episodes
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Jackanory (1965-1996)

A series of British fantasy television episodes directed by Roger Singleton-Turner. The last two episodes no longer exist in the BBC archives, the tapes having been erased.

Plot Summary

Rosemary Crutchley tells the epic Indian mythological story.


Director: Roger Singleton-Turner
Executive Producer: Anna Home
Producer: Angela Beeching
Adaptation: Francesca Zeissl
Pictures: Lorraine Calaora

Rosalie Crutchley (storyteller)


Rama and Sita (15 November 1976)
Rama and Soorpanaka (16 November 1976)
Rama and the Monkey King (17 November 1976)
Hanuman, Son of the Wind (18 November 1976)
Rama and Ravana (19 November 1976)