Jackanory: Charlotte Sometimes (1974)

UK, 14 January -18 January 1974
5 episodes
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Jackanory (1965-1996)

A series of British fantasy television episodes directed by Daphne Jones. None of the episodes exist in the BBC archives, the tapes haing been erased.

Plot Summary

Rosalie Crutchley tells the story of a young girl, Charlotte, who travela back in time every night, swapping places with another young girl, Clare, who lived in 1918 .


Directed by Daphne Jones.
Written by: Penelope Farmer
Adapted by: Daphne Jones
Photographed by: Jimmy Matthews Joyce [real name: James Matthews Joyce]

Rosalie Crutchley (storyteller)


Who is Clare? (14 January 1974)
Why the Change? (15 January 1974)
When Will the Double Life End? (16 January 1974)
Where is Emily? (17 January 1974)
Charlotte Forever (18 January 1974)