Jack the Ripper (1976)

Switzerland, West Germany,
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.75:1

A Swiss/West German horror film directed by Jesus Franco.

Plot Summary

In the East End of Victorian London, a serial killer is targeting . The killer, who signs himself , is a respected physician who goes about his grisly work with the help of his servant Frieda. The girlfriend of the increasingly desperate police inspector charged with catching the killer decides to go under cover, without back-up, to see if she can lure the maniac out…


Director: Jesus Franco
© [not given on screen]
Erwin C. Dietrich presents an Erwin C. Dietrich production, Cinemec-Film, Berlin
International Sales: Elite Film AG, Zurich
Producers: Max Dara
Production Manager: Eduard A. Stöckli
Production Supervisor: Peter Spoerri
Screenplay: Jesus Franco
Assistant Directors: Mark Rissi, Alfons Sinniger
Director of Photography: Peter Baumgartner
Camera Assistant: Rudolf Küttel
Editor: Marie-Luise Buschke
Music: Walter Baumgartner
©Edition VIP Musik MCMLXXVI [1976]
Sound Recordists: Hubertus Schmandtke, Klaus Hein
Sound Effects: Hans-Walter Kramski, Karlheinz Reiber
Costumes: Silvia de Stoutz
Wardrobe: Ellen Salzmann
Make-up: Jakob Peier, Rita Burkhart
Titles: Studio Bartoschek
Art Director: Rolf Engler
Props: Bernard Sauter, Rolf Krebs
Studio: Avco Film, Berlin

Klaus Kinski (Dr Dennis Orloff/Jack the Ripper)
Josephine Chaplin (Cynthis)
Herbert Fux (Charlie)
Lina Romay (Marika)
Nikola Weisse
Ursula V. Wiese (old woman)
Hans Gaugler (blind poacher)
Francine Custer
Olga Gebhard (Miss Baxter)
Angelika Arndts
Peter Nuesch
Regine Elsener
Esther Studer
Lorli Bucher
Otto Dornbierer
Andreas Mannkopff as Inspector [Anthony] Selby

Alternative Titles

Jack L'eventreur – France
Der Dirnenmörder von London – Germany
Erotico profondo – Italy
Sohon Teurastaja – Finland



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