Jack the Ripper (1958)

UK, 1959
82m 56s [UK]
35mm film, black and white, colour sequence
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Robert S. Baker and Monty Berman. Although mostly in black and white, some prints contain a sequence in colour at the very end of the film.

Plot Summary

The East End of London is gripped by panic as serial killer Jack the Ripper slaughters his way through the area’s prostitutes. The police seem powerless to stop him and need to rely on a visiting American detective to help catch the killer before he strikes again.


Directed by: Robert S. Baker and Monty Berman
Copyright 1958 by Mid-Century Film Productions Ltd
Produced by: Robert S. Baker and Monty Berman
Screenplay by: Jimmy Sangster
From an Original Story by: Peter Hammond and Colin Craig
Photographed by: Robert S. Baker and Monty Berman
Editor: Peter Benzencenet
Music Written and Conducted by: Stanley Black [UK prints]; Jimmy McHugh, Pete Rugolo [US prints]
Sound Recordist: Buster Ambler
Westrex Recording System
Wardrobe: Jack Verity
Make-up: Jimmy Evans
Hairdressing: Bill Griffiths
Art Director: William Kellner
Produced at Shepperton Studios, England

Lee Patterson (Sam Lowry)
Eddie Byrne (Inspt. O’Neill)
Betty McDowall (Anne Ford)
Ewen Solon (Sir David Rogers)
John Le Mesurier (Dr Tranter)
George Rose (Clarke)
Philip Leaver (music hall manager)
Barbara Burke (Kitty Knowles)
Anne Sharp (Helen)
Denis Shaw (Simes)
Jack Allen (assistant commissioner)
Jane Taylor (Hazel)
Dorinda Stevens (Margaret)
Hal Osmonde (pickpocket)
George Street (station sergeant)
Olwen Brooks (Lady Almoner)
Endre Muller (Louis Benz)
Esma Cannon (Nelly)
George Woodbridge (Blake)
Bill Shine (Lord Sopwith)

Production Notes

The film’s US launch was marked by a lunch for 500 industry executives and members of the press who were sent a black leather bag, knife and stethoscope along with their invitations. 1The Daily Cinema no.8250 (4 January 1960) p.2


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