Jack the Giant Killer (1962)

USA, 1962
35mm film, Fantascope, Technicolor, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American fantasy film directed by Nathan Juran.

Plot Summary

The evil Pendragon has designs on the throne of the benevolent King of Cornwall. Using the sorcery of his witch accomplices, he sends a giant out to abduct the King’s daughter, the Princess Elaine. But on his way back to Pendragon’s castle, the giant is slain by valiant farmhand Jack who soon finds himself on an adventure he’ll never forget.


Director: Nathan Juran
© MCMLVI Zenith Pictures, Inc.
United Artists presents
Producer: Edward Small
Associate Producer: Robert E. Kent
Screenplay by: Orville H. Hampton and Nathan Juran
Based on a novel by Orville H. Hampton
Director of Photography: David S. Horsley
Editor: Grant Whytock
Music by: Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter
Sound: John Kean
Costumes: David Berman
Make-up: Charles Gemora, Frank McCoy
Hairdresser: Lousie Miehle
Special Effects: A.J. Lohman
Special Visual Effects in Fantascope by: Howard A. Anderson
Stop Motion Animators: Wah Chang, Gene Warren, Tim Barr
Animation: Lloyd L. Vaughn
Supervising Art Directors: Fernando Carrere

Kerwin Mathews (Jack)
Judi Meredith (Princess Elaine)
Torin Thatcher (Pendragon)
Walter Burke (Garna)
Don Beddoe (Diablotin)
Barry Kelley (Sigurd)
Dayton Lummis (King Marc)
Anna Lee (Lady Costance)
Roger Mobley (Peter)
Robert Gist (Captain McFadden)
Tudor Owen (chancellor)
Ken Mayer (boatswain)
Helen Wallace [Jack’s Mother – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

L’ammazzagiganti – Italian title
O anikitos ippotis – Greek title
Der Herrscher von Cornwall – West German title
Jack – O Matador de Gigantes – Brazilian title
Jack le tueur de géants – French title
Jack, jättiläisten surmaaja – Finnish title
Uhyrets besejrer – Danish title

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