Jack, el destripador de Londres (1971)

Spain, Italy,
35mm, Techniscope, Technicolor, 2.35:1
mono, Spanish

A Spanish/Italian horror film directed by José Luis Madrid under the pseudonym J.L. Makrik.

Plot Summary

In 1970s , a disabled trapeze artist is the chief suspect when his prostitute wife becomes the second victim of a serial killer stalking the Soho area. He's innocent and sets out to clear his name, but the body count continues to rise…


Directed by: J.L. Makrik [real name: José Luis Madrid]
Copyright MCMLXXI [1961]
A Cinefilms S.L. Madrid, International Apollo Film – Rome co-production
Story and Screenplay by: José Luis Madrid, Jacinto Molina [aka Paul Naschy] and Tito Carpi
Director of Photography: Diego Úbeda
Film Editor: Luis Puigvert
Music Composed by: Piero Piccioni
Wardrobe: Tony Randaccio
Make-up: Manolita Novoa
Designers: Juan Alberto Soler, Bruno Cesari
The interiors were shot at Balcazar Studios, Barcelona and Dino De Laurentiis Studios, Rome

Paul Naschy (Bruno)
Patricia Loran
Renzo Marignano
Orchidea de Santis
Franco Borelli
Teresita Castizio
Carmen Roger
Irene Mir
Victor Vilanova

Alternative Titles

7 Murders for Scotland Yard
Jack, the Mangler of London

Jack the Ripper of London
Sette cadaveri per Scotland Yard


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