Jack and the Beanstalk (1952)

70m, 78m, 82m (restored version)
35mm film
“modern story in sepia tone” “fantasy in Supercinecolor”, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American fantasy film directed by Jean Yarbrough and starring the comedy duo .

Plot Summary

Jack and Dinkelpuss take work as babysitters for a very naughty child. Jack reads the child the story of and falls asleep, dreaming that he is the title character.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Jean Yarbrough
Copyright MCMLII [1952] by Exclusive Productions, Inc.
Warner Bros. Pictures presents. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Executive Producer: Pat Costello
Produced by: Alex Gottlieb
Screenplay by: Nat Curtis
From a story by Pat Costello
Cinematography: George Robinson
Editor: Otho Lovering
Musical Score Composed and Conducted by: Heinz Roemheld
Sound: William Randall, Joel Moss
Costumes by: Jack Mosser & Lloyd Lambert
Makeup: Abe Haberman
Hair Stylist: Lillian Shore
Special Effects: Carl Lee
Photographic Effects: J.R. Glass
Art Director: McClure Capps

Abbott and Costello [in opening titles]
Bud Abbott (Mr Dinkel/Mr Dinkelpuss)
Lou Costello (Jack/Jack Strong)
Buddy Baer (Sgt. Riley, the giant)
Dorothy Ford (Polly)
Barbara Brown (Mrs Strong)
David Stollery (Donald)
William Farnum (the king)
Johnny Conrad and dancers
? (Patrick the harp)
Shaye Cogan (the princess [Eloise])
James Alexander (the prince [Arthur])
Mel Blanc [voice of farm animals] *
Claire Du Brey, Joe Kirk, Hank Mann, Charles Perry, Jack Shea [villagers] *
Almira Sessions [Mrs Mergatroyd] *
Arthur Shields [voice of Patrick the harp] *

Alternative Titles

Abbott och Costello på grön kvist – Swedish title
La gallina de los huevos de oro – Chilean title
Il giardino incantato – Italian title
Jaakko ja herneenvarsi – Finnish title
Jaakko ja pavunvarsi – Finnish title
Jack och bönstjälken – Swedish title
Jack y la habichuela gigante – Argentine, Venezuelan title
På grön kvist – Swedish title
La Poule aux oeufs d'or – French title



Variety 9 April 1952
“Neither the production conception nor scripting is very imaginative, both following a rather standard course, but A&C antics are good enough to bring it off satisfactorily. […] The adventures in giant land, sharpened by the antics of the comics, are the best part of the film and do the most towards developing fun for moppet viewers. […] Alex Gottlieb's production and Jean Yarbrough's direction permit the film to meander slowly through the first half, but the pace pickup in the second half is good. Abbott and Costello rate acceptable support from Baer, Miss Ford and Barbara Brown, as Jack's mother. Miss Cogan and Alexander are adequate as the romantic team” – from a review by Brog.

Monthly Film Bulletin vol.1 no.227 (December 1952) p.173
“Fair pantomime, with wide opportunities for the talents of Messrs. Abbott and Costello. But the level is uneven and the music disappointing.” – from an uncredited review


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