J’accuse! (1938)

France, 1938
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1

A French fantasy film directed by Abel Gance.

Plot Summary

Jean Diaz returns from the horror of World War I and throws himself into his scientific research, looking to make a machine that will prevent any future wars. But when his invention is taken from him and the world plunges towards another war, he calls up the ghosts of those killed during World War I to stage a silent protest.


Directed by: Abel Gance
Forrester-Parant Productions
Produced by: Abel Gance
Script: Abel Gance, Steve Passeur
Director of Photography: Roger Hubert
Music: Henri Verdun

Victor Francen (Jean Diaz)
Line Noro (Edith)
Marie Lou (Flo)
Jean-Max (Henri Chimay)
Paul Amiot (Captain)
Jean-Louis Barrault
Delaître (François Laurin)
Renée Devillers (Helene)
Romuald Joubé (Jean Diaz)
André Nox (Leotard)
Georges Rollin (Pierre Fonds)
Georges Saillard (Giles Tenant)

Alternative Titles

I Accuse – US title
I Accuse (That They May Live) – US title
Io accuso – Italian title
Minä syytän – Finnish title
That They May Live – US title

Remake of
J’accuse (1919)

Includes extracts from
La Fin du monde (1931)

Extracts included in
Universal Horror (1998)


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