Jabberwocky (1977)

35mm film, Technicolor
mono, English

A British comedy fantasy film directed by Terry Gilliam.

Plot Summary

When his father dies, young Dennis Cooper heads out to see some of the world and make his fortune. But he becomes involved in a bid to rid the countryside of the terrifying monster Jabberwocky and Dennis finds himself being set up as the most unlikely of heroes.


Directed by: Terry Gilliam
© 1977 National Film Trustee Company Limited
A Michael White presentation. An Umbrella Entertainment production. Made by Umbrella Entertainment Productions Limited in association with the National Film Finance Consortium, London
Executive Producer: John Goldstone
Produced by: Sanford Lieberson
Associate Producer: Julian Doyle
Screenplay by: Charles Alverson and Terry Gilliam
Photographed by: Terry Bedford
Editor: Michael Bradsell
Music: De Wolfe
Sound Recordist: Garth Marshall
Costumes: Hazel Pethig and Charles Knode
Make-up and Hairdressing: Maggie Weston, Elaine Carew and Scota Rakison
Special Effects: John F. Brown and Effects Associates
Monster Creation: Valerie Charlton, Clinton Cavers and Jen Effects
Production Designer: Roy Smith
Made on location in Wales and London and at Shepperton Studios, England
Casting: Irene Lamb

Michael Palin as Dennis Cooper
Harry H. Corbett (squire)
John Le Mesurier (the chamberlain)
Warren Mitchell (Mr Fishfinger)
Max Wall (King Bruno the Questionable)
Rodney Bewes (the other squire)
John Bird (1st herald)
Bernard Bresslaw (the landlord)
Antony Carrick (3rd merchant)
Peter Cellier (1st merchant)
Deborah Fallender (the princess)
Derek Francis (bishop)
Terry Gilliam (man with rock)
Neil Innes (2nd herald)
Terry Jones (poacher)
Bryan Pringle (guard at gate)
Frank Williams (2nd merchant)
Glenn Williams (2nd guard at gate)
Simon Williams (the prince)
Annette Badland (Griselda Fishfinger)

Alternative Titles

La bestia del reino – Spanish title
Jappervokki – Finnish title
Monty Python's Jabberwocky – West Germany title
Stackars Dennis – Swedish title

Extracts included in
The Pythons (1979)


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