ITV Playhouse: Sin With Our Permission (1981)

UK, 26 May
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: ITV Playhouse (1977-1982) – series 6, number 5

A British science fiction television episode directed by Paul Harrison.

Plot Summary

A social scientist in a New Town development discovers that the community television system is being used to monitor and control the population.


Director: Paul Harrison
© 1980 ATV Network Limited
ATV colour production
Producer: Colin Rogers
Written by: J.C. Wilsher
Cameras: Bill Brown
Helicopter Sequences Arranged by: Nigel Reynolds
Helicopter Cameraman: Stan Pilgrim
Lighting: Selwyn Harper
Vision Mixer: Mary Forrest
Vision Control: Dai Wynn-Smith
Video Tape Editor: Gordon Hunt
Sound: Henry Bird
Costumes: James Dark
Make-up: Shirley Muslin
Designers: Richard Lake, Quentin Chases
Floor Manager: Bill Goodall, Richard Jones
Stage Manager: Anne Clark
Production Assistant: Joyce Lewsey
Helicopter Pilot: Paul Midgeley
Location Administrator: Dai Higgon
Casting: Rebecca Howard

Paul Eddington (Harry Dudley)
Gregory Floy (James Walton)
Robin Bailey (Dr Perry)
Kate Fahy (Angela Birley)
Robert Austin (Ted Cunningham)
Sally Baxter (Jenny Tevitt)
Barbara New (Mrs Tevitt)
Alan Thompson (barman)
John Flanagan (Chris Peterson)
Gil Brailey (Zarah)
Martyn Read (policeman)
Tom Kelly (tv studio floor manager)


Broadcast no.1116 (13 July 1981) p.8 – review (by W. Stephen Gilbert)