It’s Alive III: Island of the Alive (1986)

USA, 1986
91m [Germany – theatrical], 95m
35mm film, 1.85:1
“recorded in Ultra Stereo”, English

An American horror film directed by Larry Cohen. It is the third and final film in Cohen's It's Alive series.

Plot Summary

The mutant born as a result of drug experiments on pregnant women are confined to a remote and highly secure island. Stephen Jarvis, the scientist who created the drug, is so appalled by the way that the infants have been treated that he illegally leads an expedition to the island hoping to free them.


Directed by: Larry Cohen
© Warner Bros. MCMLXXXVI [1986]
A Larco production. A Larry Cohen film
Executive Producer: Larry Cohen
Supervising Producer: Paul Kurta
Produced by: Paul Stader
Associate Producers: Barry Shils, Barbara Zitwer
Written by: Larry Cohen
Based on the Characters Created by: Larry Cohen
Director of Photography: Daniel Pearl
Editor: David Kern
Music Composed and Conducted by: Laurie Johnson
Original “It's Alive” Theme Composed by: Bernard Herrmann
Sound Mixer: Kim Ornitz
Costume Supervisor: Sharon McGunigle
Hair and Make-up: Annie Maniscalco
Original “It's Alive” Creature Designed by: Rick Baker
Special Effects Make-up Design: Steve Neill
On-Set Effects Make-up: Mark Williams
Model Effects: William Hedge
Art Director: George Stoll
Locations: Hawaii, USA

Michael Moriarty (Jarvis)
Karen Black (Ellen)
Laurene Landon (Sally)
Gerrit Graham (Ralston)
James Dixon (Lt Perkins)
Neal Israel (Dr Brewster)
Macdonald Carey (Judge Watson)
Art Lund (Dr Swenson)
Ann Dane (Dr Morrell)
Patch Mackenzie (Robbins)
Rick Garia (Tony)
William Watson (Cabot)
Bobby Ramsen (TV host)
C.L. Sussex (Hunter)
Carlos Palomino (1st Cuban)
Tony Abatemarco (2nd Cuban)
Gladys Portugese (waitress)
Joann Lara (2nd waitress)
Jill Gatsby (girl in cab)
Kevin O'Conner (cab driver)

Alternative Titles

Baby Killer III – Italy
A Ilha do Monstro – Portugal
It's Alive III: Island of the Alive – alternative title
Jednak zyje, A: wyspa zyjacych – Poland
La Vengeance des monstres – France
Die Wiege des Schreckens – West Germany

Sequel to
It's Alive (1974)
It Lives Again (1978)

Extracts included in
The Dead Pool (1988)



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