It Lives Again (1978)

68m (France), 87m, 91m
35mm film, Technicolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Larry Cohen.

Plot Summary

Frank Davis, the heartbroken father of the mutant baby from Los Angeles, is roaming the United States looking for other families who have been affected by the experimental drug that maimed his son. In Arizona, he finds one and tries to persuade the parents to let him help their mutant child.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Larry Cohen
© MCMLXXVIII [1978] Larco Prod. Inc.
A Larco production. A Larry Cohen film. Distributed by Warner Bros.
Produced by: Larry Cohen
Associate Producer: William Wellman Jr
Assistant to the Producer: Pamela Cohen
Production Executive: Peter Sabiston
Tucson Production Manager: Jack Young
Tucson Production Coordinator: Vincent Federici
Written by: Larry Cohen
Based on characters created in the Motion Picture “It's Alive”
Assistant Director: Reid Freeman
Photographed by: Fenton Hamilton
Additional Photography by: Daniel Pearl
Camera Operator: David Lewis
Film Editors: Curt Burch, Louis Friedman, Carol O'Blath
Color by: Technicolor
Music by: Bernard Herrmann
Musical Adaptation and Additional Music by: Laurie Johnson conducted by Mr Johnson
Music Editor: Paul Clay
Sound Mixer: Ken Scrivener
Special Make-up by: Rick Baker
Assistant to Rick Baker: Greg Cannom *
Locations: San Francisco, California, USA *; Tucson, Arizona, USA *
Unit Manager: Doyle Toliver
Tucson Accomodation Courtesy: Sheraton Pueblo Inn
Chrysler Cars from Hart Fullerton Leasing
Location Equipment by: PSI
Filmed with Panavision equipment

Frederic Forrest (Eugene Scott)
Kathleen Lloyd (Judy Scott)
John P. Ryan as Frank Davis
John Marley (Mr Mallory)
Andrew Duggan (Dr Perry)
Eddie Constantine (Dr Forrest)
James Dixon (Detective Lieutenant Perkins)
Dennis O'Flaherty (Dr Peters)
Melissa Inger (Valerie)
Victoria Jill (Cindy)
Bobby Ramsen (Dr Sando da Silva)
Glenda Young (Lydia)
Lynn Wood (Judy's mother)
Greg Cannom [baby monster] *

Alternative Titles

It's Alive II
A Jednak zyje, czesc II – Poland
Les Monstres sont toujours vivants – France
Sigue vivo – Spain
Die Wiege des Satans – West Germany

Sequel to
It's Alive (1974)

It's Alive III: Island of the Alive (1986)



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