It Came from There (c.2014)

USA, c.2014
digital video, black and white
stereo, English

An American short science fiction film directed as a student project by Kevin Elam.

Plot Summary

1950s build an experimental cyclotrode that causes a rip in space-time, allowing access to another dimension.


Directed by: Kevin Elam
Trystero Films presents. A Trystero Films release
Written by: Derek Werner
Camera: Kevin Elam, Greg Littlewood
Editing: Kevin Elam
Sound: Jennifer Davidson, Karen Cooper
Special Effects: Kevin Elam, Derek Werner
Special Photographic Effects by: Spacemonkey

Grant Whitney (Professor Pym)
Garrick Paul Axelrod (Frank Merz)
Julie Hays (Ann Pym)
Justin Hayford (Robert Lomax)
Derek Werner (janitor)
Kevin Elam (waiter)
Tim Knuth, Jennifer Davidson, Tim Charnon (restaurant patrons)