Island of Terror (1966)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono (Westrex Recording System), English

A British science fiction/horror film directed by Terence Fisher.

Plot Summary

A remote island is overrun by tentacled created when an experiment searching for a cure for goes horribly wrong. The creatures liquefy and digest the bones from any creature they come across and a group of locals race against time to defeat them before they can reproduce out of control.


Directed by: Terence Fisher
© Planet Film Productions MCMLXVI [1966]
Planet Film production. Planet Film Productions presents
Produced by: Tom Blakeley
Production Manager: Roy Baird
Original Story and Screenplay by: Edward Andrew Mann and Alan Ramsen
Assistant Director: Don Weeks
Continuity: Kay Mander
Photographed in Eastmancolor by: Reginald H. Wyer
Camera Operator: Frank Drake
Film Editor: Thelma Connell
Music Composed and Conducted by: Malcolm Lockyer
Sound Recordist: Bob McPhee
Dubbing Mixer: Gordon K. McCallum
Electronic Effects by: Barry Gray
Wardrobe Mistress: Rosemary Burrows
Make-up Artiste: Bunty Phillips
Hairdresser: Stella Rivers
Special Effects Make-up Artiste: Billy Partleton [real name: W.P. Partleton]
Special Effects Created by: John St John Earl
Assisted by: Michael Albrechtson
Art Director: John St John Earl
Assistant Art Director: Fred Hole
Made at Pinewood Studios, London, England
Locations: Black Park Country Park, Buckinghamshire, England, UK

Peter Cushing (Dr Stanley)
Edward Judd (Dr David West)
Carole Gray (Toni Merrill)
Eddie Byrne (Dr Landers)
Sam Kydd (Constable Harris)
Niall Macginnis (Mr Campbell)
James Caffrey (Argyle)
Shay Gorman (Morton)
Liam Gaffney (Bellows)
Peter Forbes-Robertson (Dr Phillips)
Roger Heathcote (Dunley)
Richard Bidlake (Carson)
Keith Bell (Halsey)
Joyce Hemson (Mrs Bellows)
Margaret Lacy [credited in opening titles but not the end titles]
Edward Ogden (helicopter pilot)

Alternative Titles

The Creepers
Insel des Schreckens – Todesmonster Greifen an
– Germany
Night of the Silicates
The Night the Creatures Came
The Night the Silicates Came
S.O.S. i mostri uccidono ancora
– Italy



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