Island Claws (1981)

USA, 1981
35mm film, colour, 1.78:1
mono, English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Hernan Cardenas.

Plot Summary

A leak from a nuclear reactor causes crabs who have been injected with an experimental growth hormone to grow to giant size and go on the rampage through a small Florida town.


Directed by: Hernan Cardenas
© 1981 Island Claws Productions, Joint Venture
Island Claws Productions, Joint Venture presents
Executive Producers: Dario Cardenas, Hernan Cardenas
Produced by: Ted Swanson
Writers: Jack Cowden, Ricou Browning
Story Created by: Colby and Hernan Cardenas
Director of Photography: James Pergola
Film Editor: Ronald Sinclair
Music by: Bill Justis
Sound Mixer: Howard Warren
Costumer: Andre Lavery
Makeup Stylist: Marlana May
Hair Stylist: Donisia McGowan
Special Effects: Glen Robinson, Ray Scott, Don Chandler, Sam Dockrey, Robert MacDonald, Ralph Robinson, Wayne Rose, John Sampson, Robert Staples, Gene Stoddard, J.B. Jones, Bill Seckel
Art Director: Don Ivey

Robert Lansing [Moody]
Steve Hanks [Pete Adams]
Nita Talbot [Rosie]
Jo McDonnell [Jan Raines]
Martina Deignan [Lynn]
Barry Nelson ([Dr] McNeal)
Tony Rigo (Joe)
Ray Forchion (Jean)
Dick Callinan (Frank Raines)
Dolores Sandoz (Margarite)
Frank Schuller (Coy)
Mal Jones (Amos)
John Furey (Chuck)
Ric O’Feldman [real name: Richard O’Barry] (Charley)
Will Knickerbocker (Garland)
Tom Monahan (Ross)
Dan Chandler (Dr Mueller)
Ken Rahgers (Ken)
Dee Dee Deering (Jackie)
Dan Fitzgerald (sheriff)

Alternative Titles

La garra – Spanish title
Giant Claws – working title
Kavouria dolofonoi – Greek video title
Kleszcze – Polish title
Mutazione genetica – Italian title
Night of the Claw – alternative title



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