Invasión siniestra (1968)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, Spanish

A Mexican science fiction film directed by Juan Ibáñez and José Luis González de León. Jack Hill directed some additional scenes for the US release version.

Plot Summary

In 1890 in the European village of Gudenberg a ray beam created by Professor Mayer and his assistant Isabel attracts the attention of an alien spaceship whose pilot decides that the ray poses a serious threat to the universe and must be destroyed.


Directed by: Juan Ibáñez; Jack Hill [US scene – uncredited]
Co-director: José Luis González de León
Copyright by Filmica Vergara S.A.
Filmica Vergara S.A. presents
Azteca Films, Columbia Pictures, Parasol Group
Produced by: Luis Enrique Vergara C. [real name: Luis Enrique Vergara]
Written by: Karl Schanzer, L.E. Vergara C. [real name: Luis Enrique Vergara]
Director of Photography: Raúl Domínguez
Editor: Raul Caso
Music: Enrico Cabiatti
Sound Recordists: Ricardo Saldívar, Guillermo Carrasco
Costume Designer: Tostado [real name: Vicente Tostado]
Make-up: Tony Ramirez [real name: Antonio Ramírez]
Hair: Maria Elena Ortiz
Special Effects: Enrique Gordillo
Art Directors: José Méndez, Octavio Ocampo
Made at Estudios America S.A., Laboratorios Cinematograficos Mexico, S.A., Dored Studios, Hollywood

Boris Karloff (Prof. [John] Mayer)
Enrique Guzmán ([Dr] Paul [Rosten])
Christa Linder (Laura)
Maura Monti ([Dr] Isabel [Reed])
Yerye Beirute (Thomas)
Tere Valez (Nancy)
Griselda Mejía [prostitute]
Sergio Kleiner (the man from space)
Rosángela Balbó [Martha – mayor's wife]
Mariela Flores [deaf-mute victim]
Tito Novaro [General Nord]
Sergio Virel [villager]
Frankestein [real name: Nathanael León] [villager]
Victor Jordan
Julián de Meriche [visiting dignitary]
Carlos León [villager]
Arturo Fernández

Alternative Titles

Alien Invaders – German video title
Alien Terror – German, Italian, US title
Invasão Sinistra – Brazilian title
Invasion der – German title
Sinister Invasion