Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1955)

80m, 7211 feet/2198 metres
35mm film, SuperScope, black and white, 2.00:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Don Siegel.

Plot Summary

When Dr Miles Bennel returns home to the small town he grew up in, he's alarmed to find that many of his new patients seem to be displaying signs of paranoid delusions, believing that friends and family have been replaced by imposters. At first, he's sceptical, but soon comes to believe that there is indeed something strange happening in the town – but who, or what, is behind it all?


* = uncredited

Directed by: Don Siegel
© MCMLV [1955] by Allied Artists Pictures Corporation
Allied Artists Pictures Corporation presents Walter Wanger's…
Produced by: Walter Wanger Productions, Inc.
Producer: Walter Wanger *
Production Manager: Allen K. Wood
Screenplay by: Daniel Mainwaring, Richard Collins *
On-set Dialogue Director: Sam Peckinpah *
Based on the Collier's Magazine serial [The Body Snatchers] by: Jack Finney
Assistant Directors: Richard Maybery, William Beaudine Jr
Script Supervisor: Irva Ross
Director of Photography: Ellsworth Fredericks
Film Editor: Robert S. Eisen
Music Composed and Conducted by: Carmen Dragon
Music Editor: Jerry Irvin
Sound: Ralph Butler
Sound Editor: Del Harris
Western Electric Recording
Make-Up: Emile LaVigne
Hairdresser: Mary Westmoreland
Special Effects: Milt Rice
Production Design: Ted Haworth
Set Decorator: Joseph Kish
Locations: Hollywood, California, USA *; Sierra Madre, California, USA *; Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California, USA *; Bronson Canyon Drive, Los Angeles County, USA *; Beachwood, Hollywood, California, USA *

Kevin McCarthy [Dr Miles J. Binnell]
Dana Wynter [Becky Driscoll]
Larry Gates [Dr Dan Kauffman]
King Donovan [Jack Belicec]
Carolyn Jones [Theodora ‘Teddy' Belicec]
Jean Willes [Nurse Sally Withers]
Ralph Dumke [Officer Nick Miller]
Virginia Christine [Wilma Lentz]
Tom Fadden [Uncle Ira Lentz]
Kenneth Patterson [Stanley Driscoll]
Guy Way [Officer Sam Janzek]
Eileen Stevens [Anne Grimaldi]
Beatrice Maude [Grandma Driscoll]
Jean Andren [Eleda Lentz]
Bobby Clark [Jimmy Grimaldi]
Everett Glass [Dr Ed Pursey]
Dabbs Greer [Mac Lomax]
Pat O'Malley [baggage man]
Guy Rennie [restaurant owner]
Marie Selland [Martha Lomax]
Sam Peckinpah [meter reader]
Harry J. Vejar [pod carrier in Miles' office]
Whit Bissell [Doctor Hill] *
Richard Deacon [Dr Harvey Bassett] *
Frank Hagney *
Robert Osterloh [ambulance driver] *

Alternative Titles

Die Dämonischen – Germany
L'invasione degli ultracorpi – Italy
Sleep No More
They Came from another World – working title

Body Snatchers (1993)
The Invasion (2007)

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