Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American comedy science fiction/horror film directed by Denis Saunders.

Plot Summary

In the small California town of Peckham, men are dyig of excessive effort during sex. Government agent Neil Agar is sent to investigate and discovers that the experiments of Dr Susan Harris at the Brandt facility is turning women into sex-crazed bee hybrids..


Directed by: Denis Sanders
© MCMLXXIII [1973] by Sequoia Pictures, Inc.
Sequoia Pictures presents a Centaur release
Executive Producers:
Produced by:
Written by: Nicholas Meyer
Story Consultant: Sylvia Schneble
Director of Photography: Gary Graver
Edited by: H&R Travis Editorial Services
Original Music by: Charles Bernstein
Sound Mixer: Jeff Wexler
Costume Designer: Ann McCarthy
Makeup: Ron Foreman
Hair Styling: Alexis
Special Effects: Joe Lombardi
Art Director: Elayne Ceder

William Smith (Neil Agar)
Anitra Ford (Dr Susan Harris)
Victoria Vetri (Julie Zorn)
Cliff Osmond (Captain Peters)
Wright King (Dr Murger)
Ben Hammer (Herb Kline)
Anna Aries (Nora Kline)
Andrew Phillippe (Aldo Ferrera)
Sid Kaiser (Stan Williams)
Katie A. Saylor (Gretchen Grubowsky)
William Keller (Joe)
Beverly Powers (Harriet Williams)
Tom Pittman (Harv)
Danielle Dupont (Elvira Ferrara)
Cliff Emmich (coroner)
Al Bordiggi (Herm)
Susie Player (girl)
Lloyd McLinn, Don Hall, Steve Lefkowitz (M.P.s)
Mickey Caruso, Herb Robbibs, Gregg White (rednecks)
John Nelson (motel manager)

Alternative Titles

Alien Predators – US bootleg title
Bibrudarna anfaller – Swedeish video title
I eisvoli ton thilykon melisson – Greek title
Graveyard Tramps – re-release title
Oi gynaikes melisses – Greek video title
The Honey Factor – working title
Invasão das Mulheres Abelhas – Brazilian title
La invasión de las abejas reina – Spanish title
Invasion der Bienenmädchen – German title
L'invasion des femmes abeilles – French DVD title
Invasion of the Bee Girls – French television title
L'invasione delle api regine – Italian title
Inwazja zbzikowanych dziewczyn – Polish title
A méhlányok inváziója – Hungarian title
Вторжение девушек-пчел – Russian title

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