Invasion (1966)

35mm film, black and white, 1.66:1
mono (Westrex Recording System), English

A British science fiction film directed by Alan Bridges. The story shares some elements (a country hospital involved in an alien intrusion) with the Doctor Who (1963-1989) story Spearhead from Space written by Robert Holmes who supplied the story for Invasion.

Plot Summary

A man is run over in the middle of the night and taken to a small English country hospital. Before long, the hospital has been encased in a force field – no-one can get out and the temperature begins to rise. The man is an alien prisoner from the planet Lystria and his female captors are scouring the countryside looking for him.


Directed by: Alan Bridges
© Merton Park Productions Ltd. MCMLXVI [1966]
Produced by: Jack Greenwood
Screenplay by: Roger Marshall
From an Original Story by Robert Holmes
Assistant Director: Ted Lewis
Continuity: Marjorie Owens
Director of Photography: James Wilson
Camera Operator: Peter Allwork
Film Editor: Derek Holding
Music: Bernard Ebbinghouse
Sound Recordists: Sidney Rider, Red Law
Sound Editors: Brian Blamey, Roy Norman
Wardrobe: Eileen Welch
Make-up: Benny Royston
Hairdresser: Jean Bear
Special Effects: Ronnie Whitehouse, Jack Kine, Stan Shields
Visual Effects:
Art Director: Scott MacGregor
Casting Director: Ronald Curtis
Made at Merton Park Studios, London, England and on location

Edward Judd (Dr Mike Vernon)
Yoko Tani (leader of the Lystrians)
Valerie Gearon (Dr Claire Harland)
Lyndon Brook (Brian Carter)
Eric Young (the Lystrian)
Tsai Chin (Nurse Lim)
Barrie Ingham (Major Muncaster)
Anthony Sharp (Lawrence Blackburn)
Glyn Houston (Police Sergeant Draycott)
Ann Castle (Sister Evans)
John Tate (Dundy)
Jean Lodge (Barbara Gough)
Tony Wall (Ted)
Peter Thomas (Harry)
Cali Raia (Lystrian woman)
Mark Kingston (Morgan)
Emrys Leyshon (Sergeant Williams)
Leonard Cracknell (Lloyd)
Stephanie Bidmead (Elaine)
Norman Mitchell (lorry driver)
Peter Sinclair (old Joe)
Diane Aubrey (telephone operator)

Alternative Titles

Eisvoli apo to diastima – Greek title

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