Into the Darkness (1986)

UK, Switzerland (“an Anglo Swiss co-production),
35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British/Swiss horror film directed by David Kent-Watson.

Plot Summary

A serial killer is preying on a group of working on a remote island.


Director: David Kent-Watson
Copyright 1986 TP Productions SA (Geneva), ICE International (Manchester)
T.P. Productions S.A. & ICE International presents a Tabona Parkinson film
Executive Producers: Michael Tabona, David Kent-Watson
Written by: John C. Barker, Paul B. Hutchinson, Michael Parkinson
Photography: Magi Haroun, Andrew Casey
Editor: Mike Clark
Music Composed and Played by: Vic Emerson
Sound: Ray Parker, Kevin Conner
Make-up: Kathy Ducker, Michelle Thompson

Donald Pleasence (David Beckett)
Ronald Lacey (Andrew Golding)
John Ryan (Jeff)
Jadie Rivas (Debbie)
Brett Paul (Steve Sutton)
Paul Flanagan (Jim)
Paul Elsam (Liam)
Fiona Sloman (Diana)
Sara Hollamby (Rosie)
Julie Dennis (Angie)
Heather Alexander (Susan)
Polly Jo Pleasence (in opening credits) Polly Pleasence (in closing credits) (Jenny)
Karmen Azzopardi (mother)
Rebecca Leigh Tabona (child)
Andrea Kay, Susan Clarke, Karen Iduwu (street girls)
Sharon Lupino (piano player)
Frank Tohn, Zarzi Green, Salno (policemen)

Alternative Titles

Pimeyden painajainen – Finland
Der Unheimliche Mannequinkiller – West Germany