Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)

USA, 1994
35mm film, Technicolour, 1.85:1
Dolby Digital, SDDS, English

An American horror film directed by Neil Jordan.

Plot Summary

Louis, a centuries old vampire, gives an interview to a young journalist relating the years since she was turned in 1791 by the vampire Lestat. Louis hates his nocturnal existence and has endured a fractious relationship with both Lestat and the 12-year-old girl, Claudia, they turned together.


Director: Neil Jordan
Geffen Pictures
Producers: David Geffen, Stephen Woolley
Co-producer: Redmond Morris
Script, Novel: Anne Rice
Director of Photography: Philippe Rousselot
Editors: Mick Audsley, Joke van Wijk
Music: Elliot Goldenthal, Joseph Haydn, Georg Friedrich HÄndel, Ludwig van Beethoven
Sound Mixer: Clive Winter
Costume Designer: Sandy Powell
Key Make-up: Nick Dudman
Principal Wigs and Hair Design: Renata Leuschner
Special Make-up Effects: Paul Mejias
Vampire Make-up: Stan Winston
Special Make-up Effects: Stan Winston Studio
Special Effects Floor Supervisor: Chris Corbould
Visual Effects: Digital Domain, Effects Associates Ltd, Hunter, Gratzner Industries Inc, Stetson Visual Services
Production Designer: Dante Ferretti

Tom Cruise (Lestat de Lioncourt)
Brad Pitt (Louis de Pointe du Lac)
Kirsten Dunst (Claudia)
Stephen Rea (Santiago)
Antonio Banderas (Armand)
Christian Slater (Daniel Malloy)
Virginia McCollam (whore on waterfront)
John McConnell (gambler)
Mike Seelig (pimp)
Bellina Logan (tavern girl)
Thandie Newton (Yvette)
Indra Ové (New Orleans whore)
Helen McCrory (2nd whore)
Lyla Hay Owen (Widow St. Clair)
Lee Emery (widow’s lover)
Monte Montague (plague victim bearer)
Nathalie Bloch (maid)
Jeanette Kontomitras (woman in square)
Roger Lloyd-Pack (piano teacher)
George Kelly (dollmaker)

Alternative Titles

Entretien avec un vampire – French title
Entrevista com o Vampiro – Portugese title
Entrevista con el vampiro – Argentinian title
Entrevista con el vampiro (Crónicas vampíricas) – Spanish title
Interjú a vámpírral – Hungarian title
Interview mit einem Vampir – Aus der Chronik der Vampire – German title
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles – advertising title
Intervista col vampiro – Cronache di vampiri – Italian title
Intervista con il vampiro – Italian title
Intervju z vampirjem – Slovenian title
En vampyrs bekännelse – vampyrtrilogin – Swedish title
En vampyrs bekännelse – Swedish title
Veren vangit – Finnish title

Queen of the Damned (2002)

Includes extracts from
Nosferatu: Eine Symphonie des Grauens (1922)
Superman (1978)

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