Inseminoid (1980)

UK, Hong Kong,
35mm film, J-D-C Scope, colour, 2.35:1
mono, English
Production Start Date: 12 May 1980

A British/Hong Kong science fiction/horror film directed by Norman J. Warren.

Plot Summary

On a remote and forbidding planet, a group of archaeologists have established a base deep inside a network of caves. While out exploring one day, one of the team, Sandy, is abducted by a monstrous alien that forcibly impregnates her. As the alien foetuses gestate inside her, Sandy is driven insane by the need for blood to feed her offspring and starts slaughtering her fellow .


Directed by: Norman J. Warren
© MCMLXXX [1980] by Jupiter Film Productions Limited
Sir Run Run Shaw presents. A Jupiter Film production
Executive Producer: Peter M. Schlesinger
Produced by: Richard Gordon and David Speechley
In Charge of Production: Ray Corbett
Screenplay by: Nick and Gloria Maley
Assistant Director: Gary White
2nd Assistant Director: Adrian Rawle
3rd Assistant Director: Derek Harrington
Continuity: Alison Thorne
Director of Photography: John Metcalfe
Camera Operator: Dick Pope
Focus Puller: John Simmons
Clapper Loader: Mike Metcalfe
Gaffer: George Boner
Camera Grip: Dennis Lewis
Stills Photography: Barry Peake
Editor: Peter Boyle
Assistant Editor: Chris Blunden
Post-Production Services by: Cine-Lingual
Processed by: Rank Film Laboratories
Music by: John Scott
Music Mixer: Otto Snel
Sound Recordist: Simon Okin
Sound Boom Operator: Paul Botham
Sound Maintenance: John Scarlett-Davis
Sound Editor: Jim Elderton
Assistant Sound Editor: Chris Reed
Dubbing Mixer: Colin Martin
Footsteps Editor: Roy Burge
Costumes by: Olinkha [real name: Olinkha Gustafson Pearce]
Wardrobe Mistress: Veronica McAuliffe
Make-Up Supervisor: Nick Maley
Make-Up Chief: Sheila Thomas
Make-Up Assistant: Derry Hawes
Hairdresser: Ross Carver
Special Make-Up Effects by: Nick Maley for Make-up Effects Ltd.
Lab Assistants: Robert Keen and Jez Harris
Special Effects by: Oxford Scientific Films/Camera Effects
Titles and Special Optical Effects by: Geoff Axtell Associates
Production Designer: Hayden Pearce
Assistant Art Director: Ian Watson
Props Buyer: Brian Winterborn
Props Master: Brian Wells
Propman: Chris Hefferies
Construction Manager: Alan Board
Production Accountant: Patrick Isherwood
Production Assistant: Lorraine Goodman
Cameras and Lenses by: Joe Dunton Cameras
Lighting by: Lee Electric (Lighting)
Video Services Supplied by: Martin Denning
Publicity Services by: Urquhart Public Relations
Made on location [Chistlehurst Caves, Kent, England, UK] and at Lee International Film Studios, London, England
Stunts Arranged by: Peter Brayham
Casting Director: Rose Tobias Shaw

Robin Clarke (Mark)
Jennifer Ashley ([Captain] Holly [Mackey])
Stephanie Beacham (Kate)
Steven Grives (Gary)
Barry Houghton (Karl)
Rosalind Lloyd (Gail)
Victoria Tennant (Barbra)
Trevor Thomas (Mitch)
Heather Wright (Sharon)
David Baxt (Ricky)
Judy Geeson as Sandy
Dominic Jephcott (Dean)
John Segal (Jeff)
Kevin O'Shea (Corin)
Robert Pugh (Roy)

Alternative Titles

Horror Planet
Inseminoid un tempo nel futuro
– Italian title
Samen des Bösen – German title



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