Innocent Prey (1988)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An Australian horror film directed by Colin Eggleston. It was filmed in 1983 but not released for many years.

Plot Summary

Cathy is horrified when she finds that her husband Joe has murdered a prostitute. When Joe turns on her, she seeks help from Sheriff Virgil Baker and Joe is arrested and sent a psychiatric hospital. Cathy tries to put her life back together – then finds out that Joe has escaped and might be coming for her…


Directed by: Colin Eggleston
© MCMLXXXVIII [1988] Premiere Film Marketing, Sydney Australia
Premiere Pictures Corporation presents
Executive Producer: David G.B. Williams
Produced by: Colin Eggleston
Based on a Screenplay by: Ron McLean
Director of Photography: Vincent Monton
Film Editor: Pippa Anderson
Music Composed and Conducted by: Brian May
Sound Recordist (U.S./Australia Crew): Bob Clayton
Make-up/Hairdresser (U.S./Australia Crew): Deryck De Neise
Art Director: Larry Eastwood
Casting Directors (U.S. Crew): Loretta Crawford (Los Angeles), Rody Kent (Dallas), Mogens Holt (Sydney)
Shot on location in Dallas, Texas and Sydney, Australia and at the studios at Las Collinas, Dallas Communications Centre

P.J. Soles (Cathy)
Kit Taylor (Joe)
Grigor Taylor (Rick)
John Warnock (Phillip)
Susan Stenmark (Gwen)
Richard Morgan (Ted)
Martin Balsam (Sheriff Virgil Baker)

U.S. cast
Debi Sue Voorhees (hooker)
Karen Radcliffe (Casey)
Bill Thurman (Jim Gardner)
Joe Berryman (Billy Joe)
Harlan Jordan (Riley)
Tyress Allen (Fletcher)

Alternative Titles

Viaton uhri – Finland



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