Inn of the Damned (1974)

35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.78:1
mono, English

An Australian horror film directed by Terry Bourke.


Directed by: Terry Bourke
© Terryrod Productions – Australian Film Development Corporation – Medich Productions – TVW Channel 7 Perth. 1974
Terry Bourke and Rod Hay present a Terryrod production Filmed with the assistance of The Australian Film Development Corporation exclusive agent for distribution. In association with Medich Productions and TVW Channel 7 (Perth)
Produced by: Terry Bourke and Rod Hay
Associate Producers: Peter Medich, Roy Medich for Medich Productions
Written by: Terry Bourke
Director of Photography: Brian Probyn
Film Editor and Post-production Supervisor: Rod Hay
Music Composed and Conducted by: Bob Young
Sound Recordists: Tim Lloyd, Bob Hayes
Wardrobe Designer: Joan Grimmond
Make-up Supervisor: Deryck de Niese
Visual Effects: Les Conley
Production Designer: Gary Hansen

Dame Judith Anderson (Caroline Straulle)
Alex Cord (Cal Kincaid)
Michael Craig (Paul Melford)
Joseph Furst (Lazar Straulle)
John Meillon as George Parr
John Morris as [Martin] Cummings
Robert Quilter as Biscayne
Diana Dangerfield (Mrs Millington)
Carla Hoogeveen (Beverley)
Don Barkham (Sergeant Malone)
John Nash (The Colonel)
Tony Bonner as Trooper Moore
Phillip Avalon (Alfred)
Lionel Long (search horseman)
Jack Allan (Gypsy Jake)
Colin Drake (Franz Heller)
Graham Corry (Andrew Millington)
Josie McKay (Cumming's [sic] girl)
Gordon Glenwright (Squire Grimstead)
Nat Levison (undertaker)

Alternative Titles

Death Hunter
Kauhujen majatalo – Finland



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