Inhumanoid (1996)

USA, 23 July 1996
Ultra Stereo, English

An American science fiction television film directed by Victoria Muspratt.

Plot Summary

A family of three is travelling through space when they rescue a survivor from a drifting spaceship. But the apparently shocked survivor has murdered his fellow passengers and the father is left stranded on the derelict as the killer – in reality a malfunctioning android – makes off with his wife and daughter.


Director: Victoria Muspratt
Concorde-New Horizons
Executive Producers: Lance H. Robbins, Roger Corman
Producer: Darin Spillman
Co-producer: Marta M. Mobley
Script: Victoria Muspratt
Director of Photography: John Aronson
Editor: Nancy Rosenblum
Music: Marco Beltrami
Sound Mixer: Buck Robinson
Costume Designer: Miral Kalinian
Key Make-up: Nicola Zvorsky
Special Make Up and Creature Effects: Magical Media Industries Inc
Special Effects Coordinator: Greg Landerer
Visual Effects/Digital Compositing: DCS; Freeze Frame; Pixel Magic
Additional Blue Screen Composites: Stewart Motion Picture Services
Production Designer: Robert Cowan

Richard Grieco (Adam)
Lara Harris (Katrina Carver)
Corbin Bernsen (Foster Carver)
Edie McClurg (Dr Marianne Snow)
Robin Gammell (Dr Milton)
Brittany Ashton Holmes (Amy Carver)
Ilia Volokh (Dr Claus Feldman)
Renato Powell (nurse)
Conrad Goode (group leader)
Grant Mathis (medic)
Cole Nelson (strange man)
Jeff Dixon (wolf man)

Alternative Titles

Circuit Breaker – Germany
Cyborg Fighter – Germany

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