Incubus (1981)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

A Canadian horror film directed by John Hough.

Plot Summary

An incubus terrorises a small Wisconsin town.


Directed by: John Hough
Copyright 1981 by Guardian Trust Company in trust
A Stephen Friedman presentation of a Marc Boyman production in association with Mark Films and John M. Eckert Productions Ltd.
Executive Producer: Stephen Friedman
Produced by: Marc Boyman, John M. Eckert
Screenplay by: George Franklin
From the Novel by: Ray Russell
Director of Photography: Albert J. Dunk
Film Editor: George Appleby
Music Composed and Conducted by: Stanley Myers
Sound Recordist: David Lee
Wardrobe Supervisor: Erla Lank
Makeup Supervisor: Katherine Southern
Hair Stylist: James Keeler
Special Effects Makeup: Maureen Sweeney
Special Effects Director: Colin Chilvers
Special Effects: Martin Malivoire
The Incubus Designed by: Les Edwards
The Incubus Created by: Maureen Sweeney
Production Designer: Ted Watkins

John Cassavetes (Sam Cordell)
Kerrie Keane (Laura Kincaid)
Helen Hughes (Agatha Galen)
Erin Flannery (Jenny Cordell)
Duncan McIntosh (Tim Galen)
John Ireland (Hank Walden)
Harvey Atkin (Joe Prescott)
Harry Ditson (Lt. Drivas)
Mitch Martin (Mandy Pullman)
Matt Birman (Roy Seeley)
Beverley Cooper (Pru Keaton)
Brian Young (Charles Prescott)
Barbara Franklin (Mrs Pullman)
Wes Lee (Mr Pullman)
Neil Dainard (Ernie Barnes)
Jennifer Leak (Deena Ferrin)
Denise Fergusson (Carolyn Davies)
Jack Van Evera (Matt Davies)
Helen Udy (Sally Harper)
Lisa Bunting (Anita Barnes)


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