Incrível, Fantástico, Extraordinário (1969)

35mm film, colour
mono, Portuguese

A Brazilian horror film directed by C. Adolpho Chadler. It is part of a multi-media franchise started by a hugely popular radio series in 1947 and continued with a book collecting adaptations of some of the stories in 1951, a comic book in 1969, a second book in 1989 and a television series in 1994.

Plot Summary

An anthology of three short supernatural stories.


Directed by: C. Adolpho Chadler
C. Adolpho Chadler Produções Cinematográficas
Produced by: C. Adolpho Chadler
Written by: C. Adolpho Chadler, René Martin
Director of Photography: Roberto Pace
Editor: João Ramiro Mello
Music: Erlon Chaves
Sound: Juárez Dagoberto [real name: Juarez Dagoberto Costa], Walter Goulart, Geraldo José, Aloisio Viana
Costume Designer: Dora Palermo
Art Director: Alexandre Horvat

Cyl Farney
Sônia Clara
Glauce Rocha
Walda Oliver
Alzira Silva
Márcia Tânia
Nina Clara
Big John
Fábio Sabag
Mário Lago (narrator)

Alternative Titles

Incredible, Fantastic, Extraordinary

See also
Incrível, Fantástico, Extraordinário (1994-1995)



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