In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro (1986)

UK, Kenya, 1986
97m, 2631 metres
35mm film, colour
Dolby, English

A British/Kenyan horror film directed by Raju Patel.

Plot Summary

During a terrible African drought, 90,000 wild, hungry and thirsty baboons turn on Mankind in Africa and a small group of people are soon fighting for their lives as the apes close in on them.


Director: Raju Patel
Intermedia Films, Film Corporation of Kenya, Mansfield Productions, Nyconnit NV
Executive Producer: Sharad Patel
Producer: Jeffrey M. Sneller
Script: T. Michael Harry, Jeffrey M. Sneller
Director of Photography: Chuy Elizondo
2nd Unit Assistant Camera: Daryl ‘Dazz’ Reynolds
Editor: Pradip Roy Shah
Music: Arlon Ober
Orchestrator: Brad Dechter
Make-up: Jack Petty
Mechanical Baboons/Miniatures/Prosthetics: Bob Wasson
Art Director: Ron Foreman
Locations: Kenya

John Rhys-Davies (Chris Tucker)
Timothy Bottoms (Jack Ringtree)
Irene Miracle (Lee Ringtree)
Michele Carey (Ginny Hansen)
Leonard Trolley (Colonel Maitland)
Patty Foley (Lucille Gagnon)
Calvin Jung (Mitushi Uto)
Don Blakely (Julius Odom)
Jim Boeke (Gagnon)
Patrick Gorman (Eugene Cruz)
Mark Watters (Carlyle Bandy)
Carl Vundla (District Officer Tshombe)

Alternative Titles

En la sombra del Kilimanjaro – Spain
Im Schatten des Kilimandscharo – West Germany
Kilimanjaro – Finland



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