Impulse (1974)

USA, 1974
35mm film, Technicolor
mono, English

An American horror film directed by William Grefe.

Plot Summary

Conman Matt Stone seduces lonely women, steals their money and murders them. But the daughter of his latest potential victim starts to suspect that he’s up to no good…


* = uncredited

Directed by: William Grefe
© [not given on screen]
Conqueror Films, Inc. presentation
Executive Producer: Rick Diaz
Produced by: Socrates Sallis
Associate Producer: Douglas Hobart
Written by: Tony Grechales
1st Asst. Director: Gayle DeCamp
Script [Supervisor]: Betty Kerwin
Director of Photography: Edwin Gibson
Cameraman: William Walsh
Asst. Camera: Steve Cohen
1st Electrician: Lane Chiles
2nd Electrician: Bob Gersicoff
1st Grip: Bill Kerwin
2nd Grip: Jerry Rhodes
Still Photography: Ian Davidson
Editor: Julio Chavez
Asst. Editor: Nancy Selby
Editorial Facilities by: Film Editing Center
Music Director: Lewis Perles
Sound Engineer: Larry Fisher
Boom: Joe Bonnisuto
Re-Recording: Henry Lopez, Raul Corvison
Sound Effects: Henry Lopez, Suzanne Kuennen
Wardrobe: Nancy Selby
Miss Ruth Roman and Mr William Shatner’s Wardrobe Supplied by: Maas Brother’s [sic] of Florida
Make-up: Suzanne Kuennen
Hair Styles Created by: Gary Walker
Titles: Bob Caldevilla Jr
Titles & Animation: International Animated Cartoons
Art Director: Roger C. Sherman
Asst. Art Director: Roger Hall
Property Man: Bob Morgan
Prod. Secretary: Shiela Walker
Asst. to Producer: Bob Plumb, Lewes Perles
Teamster: John Scalise
Locations: Florida, USA *
Studio Facilities: Studio Center

William Shatner (Matt Stone)
Ruth Roman (Julia Marstow)
Jennifer Bishop as Ann Moy
James Dobson as Clarence)
Kim Nicholas (Tina Moy)
Harold Sakata (Karate Pete)
Marcia Knight (Helen)
Vivian Lester (Matt’s mother)
Bill Kerwin (soldier)
Marcy Lafferty (hotel clerk)
Chad Walker (Matt as a boy)
Paula Dimitrouleas (belly dancer)

Alternative Titles

I Love to Kill
Want a Ride, Little Girl? – shooting title



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