I’m Dangerous Tonight (1990)

USA, 1990
colour, 4:3

An American horror television film directed by Tobe Hooper.

Plot Summary

An ancient Aztec cloth carries a curse and finds its way into the hands of Amy, who decides to make a dress from it. But as soon as she wears it, The spell goes to work and Amy loses all her inhibitions and sense of morals.


Director: Tobe Hooper
Executive Producer: Boris Malden
Co-Executive Producer: Michael Weisbarth
Producers: Bruce Lansbury, Philip John Taylor
Script: Bruce Lansbury, Philip John Taylor
Short Story: Cornell Woolrich
Director of Photography: Levie Isaacks
Editor: Carl Kress
Music: Nicholas Pike
Sound Mixer: Craig Felburg
Costume Designer: Carin Berger
Make-up: Emily Katz
Hair: Nina Paskowitz
Production Designer: Leonard A. Mazzola

Madchen Amick (Amy)
Corey Parker (Eddie)
Daisy Hall (Gloria)
R. Lee Ermey (Lieutenant Ackman)
Natalie Schafer (Grandmother)
Jason Brooks (Mason)
William Berger (Jonas Wilson)
Mary Frann (Martha)
Dee Wallace-Stone (Wanda Thatcher)
Anthony Perkins (Professor Buchanan)
Lew Horn (Coroner)
Stuart Fratkin (Victor)
Dan Leegant (Frank)
Jack McGee (landlord)
Edward Trotta (Joey)
David Carlile (Matt)
Felicia Lansbury (librarian)
Henry C. Brown (anchorman)
Ellen Gerstein (sever)
Ivan Gueron (Romeo)

Alternative Titles

Den Blodröda klänningen – Sweden
Im Banne des Grauens – West Germany
A Morte Veste Vermelho – Brazil
Peligro de ficción – Argentina
Peligrosa de noche – Argentina
Punainen vaate – Finland
Red Evil Terror – France
Robe de sang – France
Vestito che uccide – Italy



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