Ilsa She Wolf of the SS (1974)

Canada, 1974
35mm film, colour, 1.66:1
mono, English

A Canadian exploitation horror film directed by Don Edmonds. It was the first in a series of films featuring the eponymous character, played by Dyanne Thorne: Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (1976) was again directed by Edmonds; Jean LaFleur took over the reins for Ilsa, The Tigress of Siberia (1977); and Jesus Franco contributed an unofficial final entry in Greta: Haus ohne Männer (1977).

Plot Summary

Ilsa rules over a Nazi death camp with a sadistic relish as she conducts brutal medical experiments on her hapless inmates in an effort to prove that woman can withstand more pain than men. Elsewhere, she exhausts a seemingly endless supply of eager lovers.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Don Edmonds
© 1974 Aeteas Filmproduktions
Produced by: Herman Traeger [real name: David F. Friedman]
Production Manager: Karl Bergen
Written by: Jonah Royston
Director of Photography: Glenn Roland
Edited by: Kurt Schnit
Special Make-up Artist: Joe Blasco
Production Secretary: Irena Latina
Studio: Cinema General Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA *
“The film you are about to see is based upon documented fact. The atrocities shown were conducted as “medical experiments” in special concentration camps throughout Hitler’s Third Reich. Although these crimes against humanity are historically accurate, the characters depicted are composites of notorious Nazi personalities; and the events portrayed, have been condensed into one locality for dramatic purposes. Because of its shocking subject matter, this film is restricted to adult audiences only. We dedicate this film with the hope that these heinous crimes will never occur again”. Herman Traeger, producer

Dyanne Thorne (Ilsa)
Gregory Knoph (Wolfe)
Tony Mumolo (Mario)
Maria Marx (Anna)
Nicolle Riddell (Kata)
Jo Jo Deville (Ingrid)
Sandy Richman (Maigret)
C.D. Lafleuer [real name: George ‘Buck’ Flower] (Binz)
Rodina Keeler (Gretchen)
Wolfgang Roehm [real name: Richard Kennedy] (general)
Lance Marshall (Richter)

Alternative Titles

Elza – wilczyca z SS – Poland
Ilsa la belva delle SS – Italy
Ilsa la louve – France
Ilsa, la perra de la SS – Argentina
Ilse hun-ulven fra SS – Denmark
La loba de las SS – Spain
Le Nazi était là, les Gretchen aussi
– France

Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (1976)
Ilsa the Tigress of Siberia (1977)

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