Il plenilunio delle vergini (1972)

35mm film, “colour by Telecolor”, 2.35:1
mono, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Paolo Solvay.

Plot Summary

Countess Dracula lures young women to her castle and bathes in their .


Director: Paolo Solvay
© [not given on screen]
A Virginia Cinematografica production
Executive Producers: Ralph Zucker
Story and Screenplay: Walter Bigari [real name: Walter Brandi], Paolo Solvay
Director of Photography: Aristide Massaccesi
Edited by: Piera Bruni and Gianfranco Simoncelli
Music by: Vasil Kojucharov
Sound: Franco Rucci, Manlio Urbani
Costume Designer: Carlo Gentili
Make-up: Liliana Dulac
Art Director: Carlo Gentili

Mark Damon (Karl Schiller)
Rosalba Neri (Countess Dracula)
Esmerelda Barros (Lara)
Francesca Romana Davila (Tanya)
Xiro Papas (the vampire monster)
Sergio Pislar (Franz Schiller)
Gengher Gatti (the mysterious man)
Giorgio Dolfin (villager)
Stefano Oppedisano (villager)

Alternative Titles

O Castelo de Drácula – Brazil
The Devil's Crypt – USA
The Devil's Wedding Night – USA
Oi Diastrofes tou Drakoula – Greece
Full Moon of the Virgins – English language title
Possession by the Exorcism Frenzy – Hong Kong (English) title
Sexoualika orgia tou Drakoula – Greece (video)
Sexoualikes nyhtes tou Drakoula – Greece
Les Vierges de la pleine lune – France
Les Vierges maudites de Dracula – France (video)



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