Il mulino delle donne di pietra (1960)

Italy, France, 1960
35mm film, Dyaliscope, colour, 2.35:1
mono, Italian, French

An Italian/French horror film directed by Giorgio Ferroni.

Plot Summary

Hans travels to a small town near Amsterdam intent on writing an article on the reclusive Professor Wahl, a sculptor who lives in an old mill on an island. Hans meets and falls in love with Wahl’s daughter, Elfi and becomes involved in a strange mystery – why are local women disappearing and is it something to do with Wahl and his shady assistant?


* = uncredited

Directed by: Giorgio Ferroni
© MCMLXIII [1963] [English language version]
A Wanguard Film-Faro Film, Explorer Film – Rome, C.E.C. – Paris co-production. A Galatea production [English language version]
Executive Supervision: Hugo Grimaldi [English language version]
Production Manager: Gian Paolo Bigazzi
Unit Production Managers: Piero Ghione, Tommaso Sagone
Screenplay by: Remigio del Grosso, Ugo Liberatore, Giorgio Stegani, Giorgi Ferroni
Dialogue Written and Directed by: John Hart and Anton Giulio Majano|Richard McNamara [english language version]
From the short story of the same name in “Flemish Tales” by Peter Van Weigen
[1st] Assistant Director: Giuliano Betti
[2nd] Assistant Director: Piero Braccialini
Director of Photography: Pier Ludovico Pavoni
Camera Operator: Angelo Lotti
Camera Assistants: Renato Mascagni
Editor: Antoninetta Zita
Color by: Technicolor
Negatives and Prints: S.P.E.S.
Music by: Carlo Innocenzi
Sound: Umberto Picistrelli
Synchronisation: Fono Roma
Dubbing: C.D.C.
Costumes: Caso d’Arte Firence of R. Peruzzi
Footwear: Pompei
Make-up: Franco Palombi
Wigs: Palombi
Optical Effects: S.P.E.S.
Art Director: Arrigo Equini
Set Decorator: Carlo Gentili
Film Stock: Eastmancolor
Locations: The Netherlands *
Studio: Cinecita’

Pierre Brice (Hans von Arnam)
Scilla Gabel (Elfi Wahl)
Wolfgang Preiss (Dr Loren Bolem)
Danny Carrell (Liselotte Carnin)
Liana Orfei (Amilore)
Marco Guglielmi (Raab)
Herbert Boehme (Professor Gregorius Wahl)
Olga Solbelli (Selma)
Alberto Archetti (Konrad)

Alternative Titles

Drops of Blood – UK
The Horrible Mill Women
Horror of the Stone Women
Icon – USA (alternative)
Mill of the Stone Maidens
Mill of the Stone Women – USA
Le Moulin aux femmes de pietre – France
Le Moulin des supplices – alternative French title
Die Muehle der Versteinerten Frauen – Germany



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