Il gatto nero (1990)

35mm film, colour
mono, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Luigi Cozzi using the name Lewis Coates.

Plot Summary

A team of film-makers making a horror movie accidentally revive the witch Levana, one of the dreaded Three Mothers, who is also the main character in their film. Levana plans to spread evil throughout the world and the only one who can stop her is actress Anne, who is playing Levana in the movie.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Lewis Coates [real name: Luigi Cozzi]
Copyright 1990 by “World Picture s.r.l.”
World Pictures *, 21st Century *
Producer: Lucio Lucidi *
Story and Screenplay: Luigi Cozzi
Director of Photography: Pasquale Rachini
Film Editor: Piero Bozza
Music Composed and Conducted by: Vince Tempera
Sound Man: Fulgenzio Ceccon
Costume Designer: Donatella Cazzola
Make-up Supervisor: Franco Casagni
Hair Stylist: Piero Cucchi
Special Make-up Effects: R. Prestopino, F. Casagni
Special Effects: Antonio Corridori
Special Visual Effects< Armando Valcauda Titles and Optical Effects: Studio 4 Art Director: Marina Pinzuti Made at: De Paolis Studios – Rome, Italy Cast
Florence Guérin (Ann)
Urbano Barberini
Caroline Munro (Nora)
Brett Halsey
Luisa Maneri
Michele Soavi
Karina Huff
Alessandra Acciai
Giada Cozzi
Michele Marsina
Jasmine Maimone
Antonio Marsina

Alternative Titles

The Black Cat
Czarny kot – Poland
De Profundis
Dead Eyes – West Germany
Demons 6 – USA
Demons 6: De Profundis – USA
Edgar Allen Poe's The Black Cat
El gato negro – Venezuela
Out of the Depths

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Starburst no.148 (December 1990) p.39
Supposedly an homage to Argento's unfinished Three Mothers trilogy, Luigi Cozzi's latest spaghetti atrocity is more an insult […] [A] bewildering, bizarre, mistaken mosaic of concepts, stars and garish lighting lifted from Argento and Cozzi's own Lewis Coates back catalogues […] A wretched endurance test and Cozzi's worst ever […] A formless eries of eclectic Horror climaxes strung together endeavouring to pass as narrative structure. Its unquestionably a total waste of valuable time, yet essential viewing because of Cozzi's gilt by Argento association. – Alan Jones



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