Il castello dalle porte di fuoco (1970)

Italy, Spain,
35mm film, Telecolor, 1.85:1
mono, Italian

An Italian/Spanish horror film directed by José Luis Merino.

Plot Summary

Ivanna takes up employment as a biochemist working for Baron Janos Dalmar. She falls for her new employer but when she becomes aware of a series of brutal murders in the area she comes to suspect that he's not all that he seems.


Director: L. Merino [real name: José Luis Merino]
© [not given on screen]
Carigliano Film s.r.l. presents a Prodimex Films Rome, Hispamer Films Madrid co-production
Story and Screenplay: E. Colombo [real name: Enrico Colombo], J.L. Merino [real name: José Luis Merino]
Director of Photography: Emanuele di Cola
Editor: Alessandro Lena [real name: Sandro Lena]
Music by: Luigi Malatesta
Production Sound Mixer:
Costumes: Minute Speranza
Make-up: Bianca Verdirosi [real name: Bianca Verdirosa]
Hair Stylist: Giusi Bovino [real name: Giusy Bovino]
Art Director: Francesco Di Stefano

Erna Schurer [Credited as Jennifer Hartley on English language prints] (Ivanna Rakowsky)
Charles Quinney [real name: Carlos Quiney. Credited as Jeffrey Chase on English language prints] (Janos Dalmar)
Agostina Belli (Cristiana)
Cristiana Galloni[Credited as Christina Pathé on English language prints] (Olga)
Antonio Jiménez Escribano (butler)
Mariano Vidal Molina (inspector)
Enzo Fisichella (Igor)
Ezio Sancrotti (rapist)
Giancarlo Fantini (doctor)
Franco Moraldi (mayor)

Alternative Titles

Altar of Blood
Blood Castle
Castle of Blood
– Belgium (video)
Das Geheimnis von Schloß Monte Christo
– West Germany
– Spain
Ivanna: El castillo de la puerta de fuego
– Spain (video)
Killers of the Castle of Blood
Le Monstre du chateau
– France
Mördaren i skräckens slott
– Sweden
Pelkojen linna
– Finland (video)
O Pyrgos tou tromou
– Greece
Scream of the Demon Lover



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