Il altro inferno (1980)

35mm film, Augustus colour
mono, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Bruno Mattei using the pseudonym Stefan Oblowsky. The film was originally released in Italy on 22 January 1981.

Plot Summary

A priest is sent to investigate an outbreak of apparent demonic at convent. There's certainly something very dark and sinister at work there, but is it really Satan or has it something to do with the Mother Superior's dark secrets?


A film by Stefan Oblowsky [real name: Bruno Mattei]
(c) Copyright Cinemec Produzione S.r.l. MCMLXXX [1980]
Arcangelo Picchi presents a Cinemec Produzione S.r.l. film
Production Manager: Silvio Colecchia
Screenplay by: Claudio Fragasso
Story by: Bruno Mattei, Claudio Fragasso
Assistant Director: Maurizio Tanfani
Director of Photography: Giuseppe Bernardini
Editor: Liliana Serra
Printed by: Augustus Color
Music Publishers: Grandi Firme della Canzone e Bixio C.E.M.S.A.
[Music] Based on LP “Roller” and “Il Fantastico viaggio del bagarozzo” by: Goblin
Recording: Idea Cinematografica
Make-up: Giuseppe Ferranti

Franca Stoppi (Mother Superior)
Carlo De Mejo (Father Valerio)
Francesca Carmeno
Susan Forget
Frank Garfeeld [real name: Franco Garofalo]
Paola Montenero (Sister Assunta)
Sandy Samuel
Andrew Ray [real name: Andrea Aureli] (Father Inardo)

Alternative Titles

L'autre enfer – French title
Le couvent infernal – alternative French title
Guardian of Hell – USA video title
The Other Hell – UK/USA title
The Presence – Dutch/alternate USA video title
Terror en el convento – Spanish title



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Other sources

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