If Looks Could Kill (1987)

USA, 1986
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American borderline horror film directed by Chuck Vincent. Production began on 22 September 1986.

Plot Summary

George Ringer, a video cameraman is hired by seedy middle man to tape the activities of a young woman whose husband suspects her of being rather less than faithful. She is, in fact, a high class prostitute and George finds himself being dragged deeper and deeper into a sordid blackmail and murder plot.


Directed by: Chuck Vincent
© MCMLXXXVII [1987] Distant Horizon, Ltd., Platinum Pictures, Inc.
Anant Singh presents a Chuck Vincent film
Executive Producer: Anant Singh
Produced by: Chuck Vincent
Associate Producer: Mickey Nivelli
Screenplay by: Craig Horrall and Chuck Vincent
Assistant Director: Bill Slobidian
Director of Photography: Larry Revene
Edited by: James Davalos and Mark Ubell
Music Composed by: Susan Jopson and Jonathan Hannah
Sound Recordist: Peter Penguin
Costumes by: Elizabeth Main
Make-Up and Hair: Lorraine Altamura
Special Effects: Vincent Guastini
Art Director: D. Gary Phelps

Tim Gail (George Ruger)
Kim Lambert (Laura Williamson)
Alan Fisler (Bob Crown)
J. Gillis [real name: Jamie Gillis] (Jack Devonoff)
James Davies (Carson O’Connors)
Jeanne Marie (Jeannie Burns)
Jane Hamilton [real name: Veronica Hart] (Mary Beth)
Bob Fitzpatrick (doorman)
Sharon Moran (Madonna maid)
W.P. Dremak (Richard)
Stan Schwartz (Mr Everetts)
Beth Broderick (news woman)
Gretchen Kingsley (Elizabeth)
Dick Biel (bank president)
Laura Granick (bank secretary)
Jill Commer (Stephanie)
Mollie O’Mara (pretty girl)
Robert Paul Meehan (Stan)
Bea Super (Emma)
Billy DeHaven (video store clerk)
R. Leonard (slender woman)
Lynnda Holl (bride)
Tim Sullivan (groom)
Steven Shaw, Fiore Derosa (cleaning men)
James Lea (short guy)
Tracey Hebert (red head)
Gene Moore, William Heller, Joe Mennona, Vinny Connigliara (band members)
Nunzio Vulpis (florist)
Jon D. Weigand (young kid)
Frank Cole, Tony Mangano, Bob Shumay, Fadil Harulaj, Dan Wesler, Bryant Grayson (policemen)
Karl Douglas, Guy Varick (detectives)

Alternative Titles

Jos katseet tappaisivat – Finland
Killing Eyes – Hungary, West Germany
Quando uno sguardo può uccidere
– Italy

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