If…. (1968)

111m, 10,004 feet
35mm film, Eastmancolor, black and white, 1.66:1
mono, English

A British fantasy film directed by Lindsay Anderson.

Plot Summary

The boys at a traditional English public school stage a violent revolt against their masters.


Director: Lindsay Anderson
© 1968 Paramount Pictures Corporation
Memorial Enterprises
Executive Producer: Roy Baird
Producer: Michael Medwin, Lindsay Anderson
Screenplay: David Sherwin
Based on the Original Script by: Davey Sherwin, John Howlett
Director of Photography: Miroslav Ondrícek
Editor: David Gladwell
Music/Music Conductor: Marc Wilkinson
Sound Recording: Christian Wangler
Wardrobe: Shura Cohen
Make-up: Betty Blattner
Production Designer: Jocelyn Herbert
Casting Director: Miriam Brickman

Malcolm McDowell (Mick Travis)
David Wood (Johnny)
Richard Warwick (Wallace)
Christine Noonan (the girl)
Rupert Webster (Bobby Philips)

Robert Swann (Rowntree)
Hugh Thomas (Denson)
Michael Cadman (Fortinbras)
Peter Sproule (Barnes)

Peter Jeffrey (headmaster)
Anthony Nicholls (General Denson)
Arthur Lowe (Mr Kemp)
Mona Washbourne (matron)
Mary Macleod (Mrs Kemp)
Geoffrey Chater (chaplain)
Ben Aris (John Thomas)
Graham Crowden (history master)
Charles Lloyd Pack (classics master)

Guy Ross (Stephans)
Robin Askwith (Keating)
Richard Everett (Pussy Graves)
Philip Bagenal (Peanuts)
Nicholas Page (Cox)
Robert Yetzes (Fisher)
David Griffin (Willens)
Graham Sharman (Van Eyssen)
Richard Tombleson (Baird)

Richard Davis (Machin)
Brian Pettifer (Biles)
Michael Newport (Brunning)
Charles Sturridge (Markland)
Sean Bury (Jute)
Martin Beaumont (Hunter)

Alternative Titles

Ako bi… – Serbian title
Crusaders – working title
¿De qué lado estás? – Argentine title
Ha… – Hungarian title
Hvis… – Norwegian title
Hvis…. – Danism title
if Moshimo…. – Japanese title
if もしも‥‥ – Japanese title
If – Mexican title
Jeżeli… – Polish title
Jos… – Finnish title
Jos – Finnish television title
Ne Ekersen – Turkish title
Om… – Swedish Finnish title
Se… – Brazilian, Italian, Portuguese title
Εάν… – Greek title
Επαναστατημένη γενιά – Greek title
Ако…. – Bulgarian title
Если… – Russian title
Якщо… – Ukrainian title

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