Idaho Transfer (1973)

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An American science fiction film directed by Peter Fonda. It is the only film that Fonda directed that he doesn't take an acting role in.

Plot Summary

A crew of researchers develop a method of travelling into hoping to escape the apocalypse looming in their own time. But when the project is closed down some of them find themselves stranded in a desolate future landscape.


Directed by: Peter Fonda
© MCMLXXIII [1973] Kathleen Film Prod. Co.
A Pando Co., Inc. presentation in association with Marianne Santas
Produced by: William Hayward
Associate Producer and Production Manager: Anthony Mazzola
Original Story and Screen Play by: Thomas Matthiesen
Director of Photography: Bruce Logan
Film Editor: Chuck McClelland
Music Composed and Performed by: Bruce Langhorne
Sound: John Brumbaugh
Wardrobe Supervisor: Joyce Malleur
Make-up: Ted Coodley
Special Effects: Roger George

Kelley Bohanon (Karen [Braden])
Kevin Hearst (Ronald)
Caroline Hildebrand (Isa [Braden])
Keith Carradine (Arthur)
Dale Hopkins (Leslie)
Fred Seagraves (Lewis)
Ted D'Arms (George Braden)
Joe Newman (Cleve)
Judy Motolsky (Judy)
Susan Kelly (Nora)
Meredith Hull (Jennifer)
Roy Ayers (Elgin)
Kim Casper (Anne)
Debbie Scott (Joanna)
Devin Burke (Michael)
Earl Crabb (Evans)
Jeff Greene, Chris Fox (hitchhiker)
Peter Riches (military technician)
Jim Speck (officer)
Scott Hoffman (Jensen)

Alternative Titles

Aporrito programma Idaho – Greece
Deranged – UK (video)
Expedition in die Zukunft – West Germany
Idaho Transfer 2034 – UK (video)
Idaho-siirto – Finland
Nuclear Escape – Australia
Viaje al futuro – Spain

Extracts included in
Fall Down Go Boom You Don't Get back Up: Peter Fonda on Idaho Transfer (2014)

Production Notes

The film cost a reported $500,000, all of it paid for by Fonda himself. It was shot in Arco, Idaho and at the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve and Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park.

Fonda claimed that the film was in release for three weeks when distributors Cinemation went bankrupt and the negative and prints remained in the hands of the banks for years.



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