Ice Station Zebra (1968)

35mm film, 65mm film, 70mm film, “in Cinerama”, “filmed in Super Panavision”, Metrocolor, 2.20:1
stereo, 70mm 6-Track, English

An American borderline science fiction film directed by John Sturges.

Plot Summary

The crew of the nuclear submarine USS Tigerfish are sent on a mission to transport a British civilian, a platoon of and a Russian liaison to to rescue the crew of a weather station, Drift Station Zebra. But an experimental spy satellite has crashed in the area and the rescue mission is not all it seems…


Directed by: John Sturges
© MCMLXVIII [1968] by Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, Inc.
Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer presents. Martin Ransohoff's production of… A Filmways picture
Produced by: Martin Ransohoff
Associate Producer: James C. Pratt
Screenplay by: Douglas Heyes
Screen Story by: Harry Julian Fink
From the Novel by: Alistair MacLean
Director of Photography: Daniel L. Fapp
Additional Arctic Photography: John M. Stephens, Nelson Tyler
Film Editor: Ferris Webster
Music Composed and Conducted by: Michel Legrand
Recording Supervisor: Franklin Milton
Makeup by: William Tuttle
Special Effects: H.E. Millar Sr, Ralph Swartz, Earl McCoy
Special Visual Effects: J. McMillan Johnson, Carroll L. Shepphird, Clarence Slifer
Optical Effects: Robert R. Hoag
Art Directors: George W. Davis and Addison Hehr
Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Culver City, California, USA [uncredited]
Locations: San Diego, California, USA [uncredited]

Rock Hudson (Cdr. James Ferraday)
Ernest Borgnine (Boris Vaslov)
Patrick McGoohan (David Jones)
Jim Brown (Capt. Leslie Anders)
Tony Bill (Lt. Russell Walker)
Alf Kjellin (Col. Ostrovsky)
Gerald S. O'Loughlin (Lt. Cdr. Bob Raeburn)
Ted Hartley (Lt. Jonathan Hansen)
Murray Rose (Lt. George Mills)
Sherwood Price (Lt. Edgar Hackett)
Michael T. Mikler (Lt. Courtney Cartwright)
Lee Stanley (Lt. [Martin] Mitgang)
Joseph Bernard (Dr Jack Benning)
John Orchard (survivor)
Jonathan Lippe (Russian aide)
Jim Dixon (Earl MacAuliffe)
Ron Masak (Paul Zabrinczski)
David Wendel (Cedric Patterson)
Boyd Berlind (Bruce Kentner)
Ronnie Rondell Jr (Lyle Nichols)

Alternative Titles

Base artica Zebra – Italian title
Destination zebra: Station polaire – French Canadian title
Destination: Zebra, station polaire – French title
Eisstation Zebra – West German title
Estación polar Cebra – Spanish title
Jääasema Zebra – Finnish title
Missão no Árctico – Portuguese title
Polarstation Zebra svarar ej – Swedish title
S.O.S. nordpolen – Danish title
Zebra station polaire – French Canadian title

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