I vizi morbosi di una governante (1977)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, Italian

An Italian /horror film directed by Salvatore Siciliano using the pseudonym Peter Rush.

Plot Summary

Countess Ileana is unaware that two of the friends she has invited to her family castle has smuggled a consignment of opium into the country inside some Chinese artifacts she has imported. One of the guests is murdered, her removed. Could the killer be one of the drug smugglers? Or the simple-minded Leandro who is kept locked away in the ?


Directed by: Peter Rush [real name: Salvatore Siciliano]
© [not given on screen]
A Gi. Ba. Si. Cinematografica production
Producer: Salvatore Siciliano
Production Manager: Sergio Cortona
Production Supervisor: Salvatore Chetri
Screenplay and Story: Ambrogio Molteni
Assistant Director: Ambrogio Molteni
Continuity: Alberto Salvatori
Director of Photography: Gino Santini
Camera Operator: Alvaro Lanzoni
Camera Assistant: Edmondo Pisani
Gaffer: Elgo Dentale
Key Grip: Salvatore Bono
Editor: Sergio Muzzi
Assistant Editor: Giuliano Corso
Colour by Staco Film, Eastmancolor
Music by: Piero Piccioni
Publishers: General Music, Roma
Sound Recordist: Goffredo Salvatori
Boom Operator: Amedeo Timpani
Re-recording Mixer: Giulio Barbieri
Synchronisation: Clodio Cinematografica with the collaboration of C.V.D.
Costumes: Renata Renzi
Make-up: Corrado Blengini
Hairstylist: Adriana Blengini
Art Director: Gino Tonni
This film was made at the facilities of Incir-De Paolis

Corrado Gaipa ( inspector)
Roberto Zattin [real name: Roberto Zattini] (Leandro De Chablais)
Isabelle Marchal (Berta, the governess)
Anie Edel [real name: Karol Annie Edel] (Ileana De Chablais)
Gaetano Russo (Hans, the butler)
Beppe Colombo
Adler Gray
Rino Bellini
Ambrogio Molteni
Sergio Orsi
Claudio Peticchio
Patrizia Gori

Alternative Titles

Crazy Desires of a Murderer – US title
Gli occhi verdi della morte – alternative title



  • Blood and Black Lace by Adrian Luther Smith p.25 – illustrated credits, synopsis, review