I Start Counting (1969)

UK, 1969
105m, 9450 feet
35mm film, colour (“colour by DeLuxe”)
mono, English

A British horror film directed by David Greene.

Plot Summary

Fourteen year old Wynne has a crush on her adoptive brother but comes to suspect that he’s a serial killer who has been preying on young women when she finds blood on his sweater. She investigates and finds herself being targetted by the real killer.


* = uncredited

Directed by: David Greene
© MCMLXIX [1969] Triumvirate Productions Ltd
A Triumvirate production. Released through United Artists
Executive Producer: Stanley R. Jaffe
Produced by: David Greene
Associate Producer: Leigh Aman
Production Manager: Bruce Sharman
Screenplay by: Richard Harris
From the Novel by: Audrey Erskine Lindop
Assistant Director: Jack Causey
Continuity: Josephine Knowles
Director of Photography: Alex Thomson
Camera Operator: Mike Fox
Gaffer: Dave Clarke *
Film Editor: Keith Palmer
Assistant Editor: Eddy Joseph *
Music Composed by: Basil Kirchin
In association with: Jack Nathan, John A. Coleman
Sound Recordist: Jim Willis
Boom Operator: John Stephenson *
Dubbing Mixer: Douglas Turner
Sound Editor: Alan Bell
Sound Effects Mixer: David Maiden *
Costume Designer: Sandy Moss
Wardrobe Mistress: Brenda Dabbs
Makeup: Bob Lawrance
Hairdresser: Pat McDermott
Production Designer: Brian Eatwell
Art Director: Arnold Chapkis
Set Decorator: Millie Burns *
Production Secretary: Van Jones
Personal Assistant to Producer: Thomasina Jones *
Unit Publicist: Julian Senior *
Made at: Bray Film Studios, England and in Bracknell, Berkshire with the cooperation of Bracknell Development Corporation
Casting: James Liggat

Jenny Agutter (Wynne)
Bryan Marshall (George)
Clare Sutcliffe (Corinne)
Simon Ward (conductor)
Gregory Phillips (Len)
Madge Ryan (mother)
Billy Russell (grandad)
Lana Morris (Leonie)
Fay Compton (Mrs Bennett)
Charles Lloyd Pack (priest at school)
Michael Feast (Jim)
Lewis Fiander (priest at church)
Lally Bowers (Aunt Rene)
Gordon Richardson (tramp)

Alternative Titles

O Despertar de uma Adolescente – Portugal
Empieza a cantar – Spain (Castilian)
Háromig számolok – Hungary
Metro ta vimata tou dolofonou – Greece
Misstanken – Sweden
Tehlikeli yaş – Turkey



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