I Spy: Return to Glory (1966)

USA, 23 February 50m
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: I Spy (1965-1968) – season 1, episode 21

An American television science fiction episode directed by Richard Sarafian.

Plot Summary

When a claim for five dollar “glass pants” for Scotty's mother is spotted, he and Robinson have t explain their last mission, to assist General Ortiz, who has been ousted as democratic leader of an island republic in a revolution and now living in exile in Mexico and who is looking for US help in taking back his country.


Directed by: Richard Sarafian
3F Productions
Executive Producer: Sheldon Leonard
Produced by: Morton Fine, David Friedkin
Associate Producer: Ronald Jacobs
Written by: Morton Fine, David Friedkin
Director of Photography: Fleet Southcott
Editor: Bob Moore
Music by: Earle Hagen
Theme Music: Earle Hagen
Sound Engineer: Thomas Thompson
Costume Designer: Flo Albert, Harald Johnson
Make-up Artist: Stanley Smith
Hair Stylist: Donna McDonough
Special Effects by: Joe Lombardi
Art Director: Kenneth A. Reid
Casting by: Ruth Burch

Robert Culp (Kelly Robinson)
Bill Cosby (Alexander Scott)
Dolores del Rio (Cerita Ortiz)
Victor Jory (Rafael Ortiz)
Mark Dana (Martin Page)
Antoinette Bower (Shelby Clavell)
Roberto Klesias (Cordoba)
Blaisdell Makee [real name: Makee K. Blaisdell] (sniper)
Stephen Michaels (boy)